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And finally, a 1994 RX-7. Great to finally drive a car I've spent so much time "driving" in Gran Turismo.
Interior of (at the time of sitting there) a 239-mile FB RX-7.
Realised I have enough in-car snaps to post them for the other cars from this weekend. So here's the RX-8 - was hoping a drive would put me off the idea of them, but it's done the opposite.
The Cosmo's the other one you'll want to see. Wheel isn't original (though did make it feel just like my Eunos!) but the cabin is rather wonderful.
This was the Bathurst R. Not sure about the dials or the headunit, but the MX-5 style wheel looked and felt better than that of the earlier FD.
Few in-car snaps. Starting with the RX-3 because I'm rather fond of it.
This was fantastic too. Bathurst R. Feels quick, then it hits 5k and just takes off.
Given the rarity of the Cosmo, this is quite the bucket list item to tick off.
First time driving an RX-8 too. Smoothest engine this side of an electric motor.
This was rather delightful too. 136 miles on the clock when I hopped in on Saturday morning.
Rotary sort of weekend. Best fun I've had in a while. This RX-3 was the cherry on top - loud, angry, best gearshift of anything I've driven. New lottery garage candidate.
Have to twist the clock back even further for this one - the Lotus Exige 380 Cup. Reviewed by @adamtowler in issue 240 of @officialevomagazine and shot (much better than this) by @astonparrott
Closer to home, still been enjoying the MX-5 RF. Unfortunately it's been a little while since the weather was as warm as it was when I took this.
Been a little lax with posting images recently. So here's one from my recent trip to Germany, Austria and Italy to drive the new Lexus LC - this one's the 500h. One of the most stunning cars on sale at the moment, for me.
More Frankfurt snaps. Rather liked this BMW i8 MemphisStyle. Hints of Calder, Hockney and Warhol art cars in it.