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  Posted: Aug 9, 2012 10:55 AM FEED
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adisvn 1d ago
All efforts to meet for coffee in Israel failed. Thank god we have London ❤️ #aroundtheworldwithdidi .
adisvn 1w ago
Plan A: book a cheap airbnb downtown San Francisco. Plan B: book Hilton San Francisco. Plan B won. #aroundtheworldwithdidi @dpanica .
adisvn 1w ago
ביי ניו-יורק, אהובתי. (פעם אחרונה שיורד גשם כשאני כאן, שומעת אותי?!) #aroundtheworldwithdidi
adisvn 2w ago
Wine, lemon cake and my favorite girl in town. Now that’s a Sunday! @ej_tigerz #aroundtheworldwithdidi .
adisvn 1M ago
Fish and Chips. Best plan ever #vitaminDidi .