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  Posted: Aug 9, 2012 12:15 AM FEED
8 Amaro
Goodies from @grasiemercedes - thank you! Hello Kitty wallet/clutch & harmonica necklace

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The weather yesterday was perfection. Spent a little time recharging under the sky, listening to the wind blow through the trees. I am super excited for some new adventures that are currently in the works and am feeling much more refreshed than I’ve felt in a while. 💙
New vlog posted on my YouTube channel! Headed to @ocjapanfair with @isseikashima to eat delicious food, see Japanese-y things, and meet a bunch of people at @maxthemn & @xshizzyx’s meetup. LINK IN BIO!
Simple things keep me grounded. 🌼When life gets crazy, I always try to break things down and the most important things to me are always the simplest.
Quiet mornings 🐱☀️ Sending good vibes to everyone for the rest of the week! —
I’m so grateful for the quiet, still moments in my life (even if they are short). I try to charge up my positive energy during times like these. #castlethebengal
I love showing friends who are visiting around LA. It never fails to help me see the wonder of a place I take for granted far too often. —
@xshizzyx has been in town for a week so I have been adventuring a bit and spending time with good friends. So thankful for that. 💙
I’ve been super MIA on this account as I’ve been mainly on @sylviageatery and had a hard time balancing everything. I think I do want to bring this back but I’m also not quite sure if people actually look at this. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Anyway, my hair is back to brown after years (!!!) and I’ve been busy with lots of work, food, hanging out with friends, having friends visit, helping @isseikashima get settled (and helping him and @naokioishi redo some rooms in their home). ❤️ Life can get crazy but really, life is wonderful.
Posted: May 17, 2017 4:37 AM
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After a (long) period of feeling crazy, I've finally been feeling more peaceful. #kashathecorpsecollector ---
Thankful for the lovely weather we've been having (I like it, at least). The cats have also been extra relaxed and happy, too!
See the line where the sky meets the sea? It calls me. ---
Thankful for all the wonder this world has to offer. I think I need to start adventuring more again.
Posted: May 4, 2017 5:41 AM
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Sometimes I am just way too stuck in my own mind (like today) but I am thankful for the small things to keep me grounded in the current moment, like #kashathecorpsecollector glowing in the sun. People are so complex, aren't they?
I have so many photos backlogged on here but I have a hard time remembering to post cause I'm always posting on @sylviageatery. This was taken right after the rains! ---
Thankful for being busy! But hoping I can post a little more on here too.
Simple mornings.
Thankful for human connections. After taking this photo, I gave up my table to some girl who looked like she was carrying work since there were no open tables and I didn't *need* to sit. She was so thankful and it almost made her cry - she apparently had a really really terrible morning and this helped make her feel better. You don't know what other people are going through and even small gestures can mean a lot and rub off on others. Make a positive impact on today - even if it's small.
Posted: Apr 29, 2017 7:01 AM
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Just completed my first full day as a 30 year old. I really struggled on what to do for my birthday so it ended up in some really haphazard plans, but what I love most is being able to hear from so many people I love so much. Thank you for getting me to where I am today and continuing to support me chasing after things that make my heart full.
I've had grey for like 6 months, but it was time for a little change! Mauve👩🏻‍🎤 @heyaishakay
I never thought I would grow to like pink so much but I cannot escape the かわいい (kawaii) life. ---
Thankful for all the changes and growth in life, even for something so seemingly minuscule. Also thankful for learning how to accept all changes.
Happy Monday! Here's some cute artwork (my fave Koons balloon animals). ---
Thankful that I had the opportunity to major in art and for being in a city that has such easy access to all different forms of it! Also thanks to @omnihotels DTLA for the VIP pass to The Broad. 💙
New vlog is up on my channel: San Diego Travel Diary! (Link in bio) ☀️ Went on a quick trip to one of my favorite cities with @jennybalesphoto! Got to visit @killjoykimbo, Christine, and @el_hosh, all while eating my favorite foods (@coffeefor2hb, @bronxpizzasd, @extraordinary_desserts, and Sushi Ota).
おやすみなさい🌙💤 #lechadthecat ---
Thank you @itschiny / @tableforchin for taking this cute photo of Chad! Your iphoneography skills amaze me. Thankful for technology!
Really bummed I'm not in Japan during this season's sakura so these flowers will have to do. 🌸
Thankful for the times when I'm not in Japan, I have friends here who want to take time out to have "Japanese time" where we cut out English so we don't get too rusty (if anyone wants to join, holla). Also thankful for these higher-level JLPT apps so I can increase my levels slowly. がんばろう!
Posted: Apr 5, 2017 4:37 AM
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Last night I had a rare good dream. 💫 (I have chronic stress nightmares daily. I don't think I've had a good dream in a year or more). #kashathecorpsecollector ---
Thankful for the rare good dreams & good sleep (and also thankful Chad didn't wake me up extra early today). I feel so rested!
Happy Sunday! Hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather. 🌴
Thankful for all the pretty street art (aka "Instagram walls") in LA! Thanks @jaycegeesey for dealing with me being like "get in front of that wall." 😂