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User Image mallorieowens Posted: Aug 8, 2012 11:48 PM (UTC)

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User Image mallorieowens Posted: Jan 19, 2018 8:16 PM (UTC)

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#LiptonPartner /// Cheers to the weekend! 🍵 I love having a hot cup of something to warm me up and relax me before bed in the winter. Anyone else? @lipton’s Bedtime Bliss is perfect for this! 💆🏻‍♀️ The ket ingredients are chamomile, mint, and orange the scent and taste. Love adding this to my nightly self care routine! 😋 #lipton #wellness
User Image mallorieowens Posted: Jan 18, 2018 2:58 AM (UTC)
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Fun snow day (we didn’t get this much, this was from Juneau a few years ago), and no snow day is complete without going outside to romp around in your pjs with your @hunterboots on top. 😜❄️
I was away from Iris for the longest I’ve ever been away to get my hair cut and colored (HELLO pretty new hair from @emilymedleyhair!), missed this sweet pea so much! But excited to be rid of my white hair 👵🏻🙅🏻‍♀️ and try out some balayage. If you’re in Knoxville she’s the best! ✨ Thanks to @daveowenslive for some me-time! Iris is a major daddy’s girl right now, which makes it a tiny bit easier to leave for longer periods. ☺️
One of those perfect weekends cozied up at home because it’s too cold to be outside. Please note Iris’ crazy icy day outfit. 🤣💞 We got everything cleaned that desperately needed it and still had time for baking cookies, stories, and lots of hide and seek. Almost makes me forget how cold it is and he ready for spring I am. Almost.
#ad I got to try out @cookinglightdiet’s customized meal plan for the past few weeks and they have some amazing recipes! I tried this Spinach Stromboli the other night and I’m still blown away by how easy it was to make something so pretty! My dishes don’t usually turn out so fancy when I’m cooking vs baking. 👏🏼😍🥖 I love that their plans are catered to you and your needs so if you want it to be vegetarian meals that’s not a problem! And you don’t have to count calories (who has time?) because they do all of that for you when planning your weeks out. 👍🏼 Just cook and enjoy! That’s how it has to be if you’re going to stick with it, a lifestyleyou can keep up, not a diet. Link for @cookinglightdiet in my profile! #cookinglightdiet #healthyeating #theundiet
Where is one place you want to visit in 2018? Top of our travel list is Ireland! 😍✈️ Annnnnd Jamaica, Asia, Iceland, Africa...I could go on.
This cute little cowgirl keeps us laughing alllll day long with her hilarious antics! 💞🤠
My @lovesaranghaeskin review and giveaway video are live! To win a Saranghae face mask, make sure to click the link in my bio and watch the video. I have such a passion for natural skin care and I really enjoyed filming this for you, hope you guys enjoy! Let me know if you want more and if you have a specific skin care question...
If you’re in KC, grab some food at @unforked for me this weekend! 😋🌮 If you’re not in Kansas City, but planning a trip, consider adding this spot to your list. All of my thoughts on @unforked in Overland Park are on my site! Link in profile, of course. 😉👍🏼
User Image mallorieowens Posted: Jan 3, 2018 3:55 AM (UTC)

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I’ve posted before about @jet and how I love their site and products, but it was even better this shipment coming home from traveling to some snacks and essentials at our doorstep! The crackers are so yummy, Iris says, “Mmm, mmmmmmm, MMMM!” every time she gets one. 🤣 And coconut oil is a must this time of year for my skin! 😬 They offer free shipping over $35, link is in my profile. #uniquelyj #partner
User Image mallorieowens Posted: Jan 2, 2018 4:14 AM (UTC)

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This time last year. 🖤 Still one of my favorite photos of just us girls. One year later her eyes are just as bright and her spirit just as sweet, love this little lady so much. ✨
Happy NYE!!! ✨ After tonight I’m so ready to focus on getting back to eating my normal healthy meals, less sweets, and not being a couch potato (even though this gloomy cold weather makes it so easy!)...but I know I’ll still be chugging my coffee. 😬☕️ One of my goals (I don’t do resolutions) for January is to take a little more time to take care of myself. My hair is in a desperate state! 👵🏻 I’m also so excited to try my @dentiumclub teeth whitening kit after all the holiday chocolates to kick start the new year with brighter teeth. 😃 Use code: Mallorie41 for $41 off a kit for yourself at
Looking forward to a fresh slate in 2018, but It’s also bittersweet. I know next year will look so much different, just like this year looked so much different than 2016. Doing my best to soak up and remember every detail of this holiday season because it’s been so sweet with a 15 month old. Such is motherhood, have to focus on the wonderful that is right now because the future and the past both make me want to cry my eyes out. 😭💗
Any other introverts who love spending time with people, but after a week of non-stop people time and go-go-going need about a week of nothing to recover? Santa, if you’re still doling out gifts, I’ll take snow, sleep, and snuggles when we get home! ❄️🙏🏼😴
Merry Christmas from The Owens Family! ❤️✨ Hope you all are having a wonderful day filled with family and good food. This December marked ten years together with Dave and two years since we found out I was pregnant with Iris, my two favorite gifts. 🎁
Need a healthy last minute holiday sweet treat? Pumpkin Pecan Mini Muffins! 😋👍🏼 Recipe link in profile, just swap coconut sugar for regular and add 1/2 cup hand crushed pecans. 😉 I used @simpletruth4u pumpkin, pecans, and coconut sugar in these muffins and they turned out delicious! We love @simpletruth4u in our house and buy it often for an affordable organic option. #sponsored #mycitymykroger
My stepdad has wanted a blow up Christmas decoration in the yard for YEARS! He finally got my mom to say yes by saying it was for the grandchild this year. 🤣❤️🐻
User Image mallorieowens Posted: Dec 21, 2017 3:37 AM (UTC)

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A few of our favorite Christmas books this year. ❤️✨ Three from my childhood and one new one. I want to know your favorites! We’re always in search of new books... 📚
Yesterday got off to a ROUGH start. We hit a piece of someone’s car that flew off in front of us on the way to the airport and barely rolled to the front door. Then, they couldn’t get Iris’ infant ticket to print and they wouldn’t let us get on our plane (thanks for nothing, @delta). We ended up having to reschedule our whole day of flying and our two hour layover in Atlanta turned into a four hour layover and we didn’t get in until 11pm our time. So exhausting! BUT...once we got through security I told myself what happened has happened and we rolled with it. Iris had so much fun walking the airports and saying hi to each and every person that glanced her way. ❤️✨ Plus, after hearing the stories from the power outage in Atlanta the day before we flew, we had nothing to complain about. Happy to be home for the holidays! 🎄