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  Posted: Aug 8, 2012 3:42 PM FEED
24 Sierra
Yes it is a 12 story treehouse.

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It's late and I just saw Bladerunner and questioning what it means to be human (what else is new) so here's Andrew Geller, Hunt House, 1957 via @hamptonsbohemia ✌🏼
A fave. Tiny built in desk for rainy morning cozy work sessions, comfy cloud chair for reading the @nytimes, and the sweetest side table from @soudabrooklyn to put your coffee on. Interiors by @shelterprotectsyou / architecture by @maryannthompsonarchitects
Find a place to call home and then fill with all the good-hearted people and handmade furniture you can find.
See you later Martha's Vineyard! Thanks for all the pool and hot tub times 💙💦
Good morning! It's always wild to spend intimate time with a space that we helped create. Feelin it!!! Walnut slab bed designed by us, made incredible by our pal @marshallfarmwoodworks, and gorgeous curtains designed and dyed and made by our sweet friend @lookoutandwonderland 💙💙💙
Back in this sweet space to take photos of our work. 🙌🏼 @emily__johnston you are magic 🙌🏼 (I took this photo though- it's crooked!) Interiors by us, architecture by @maryannthompsonarchitects, and landscape architecture by
Art feels like a luxury more than ever. Art feels like a necessity more than ever.
Just wanna start an Instagram account where I regram every single thing that @sheltercollective posts because he's got the best eyeballs and heart around.
Made by hands 👐🏼 Wharton Eshrick's studio in Pennsylvania last month.
Recovering from what we thought life was and rejoicing in what it actually might be.
Sometimes creation is preceded by destruction. Maybe that's what is happening in this country right now? It's the only way I can attempt to understand why we would let this horrible administration strip rights from the most disadvantaged and underserved of us. Where is the compassion or grace for human life? It's Saturday, and I'll be spending my afternoon tearing out our kitchen cabinets so Rob and I can build something beautiful together. It's one way that destruction before creation feels graceful and positive in my own life. / I took this photo of part of the Tack House in Vermont last month. A friend built it.