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  Posted: Aug 8, 2012 5:05 AM FEED
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I want to introduce u guys to my photographer @hermaninator I had an awesome photo shoot with him the other day. His name is Herman! follow him he takes great pics! @hermaninator @hermaninator @hermaninator And yes I'm sporting a farmer's tan. Mirin?

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Mabuhay from the Philippines!🇵🇭🎬🎥Currently in Manila filming a movie; I'll be playing a badazz DOTA2 champion....AND the silver blue hair may be making a big return👀😈🎮
New video! Balls & Booty🍑skincare routine w/ @ChassisForMen (BrandPartner) Tap the link in my bio to watch the whole video & see things u might not wanna see👀
This carousel post is more than BTS on TV & an aesthetic brunch👅🍳🔥Swipe right👉to enjoy the visuals & then read below👇
I was invited to experience a little 4 day staycation at @HotelIndigoDTLA & this is officially one of my favorite new hotel rooms in LA! @HotelIndigo #HotelIndigo #HotelIndigoDTLA . (BrandPartner)
Being a huge proponent of diversity in mainstream media, the visual narrative of this new hotel is one that particularly resonates with me as it was influenced by trailblazer #AnnaMayWong who is considered by many to be the first Chinese American Hollywood star & the first Asian American actress to gain international recognition. Read more for why this means so much to me👇
If you have a chance to visit the hotel, you will enjoy that many design elements of the hotel are done in a surrealist adventure "through the eyes" of Anna May Wong as she might have seen & experienced Hollywood in the 1920s.🎬🎥 Sadly though, according to David Schwartz - chief curator of Museum of the Moving Image- Anna May Wong "built up a level of stardom in Hollywood, but Hollywood didn't know what to do with her" it's interesting to note that almost 100 years later, Asian American actors still face similar issues; 100 years later, Hollywood still doesn't quite know what to do with us. Especially those of us who don't conform to pre existing I was walking down the hallways of this beautiful Anna May Wong influenced hotel, I couldn't help but think about how tough it must have been for her back then. Progress in the last 100 years regarding representation for Asian Americans has moved at a glacial pace, but with social media the landscape is rapidly changing & I bring up all of this to say simply: I will passionately continue to work hard to continue the legacy of trailblazers before me for the greater good of the entire community & additionally, I'm so thankful for you guys.❤
🏈 I encourage you guys to get out & explore the exciting world of football! @NFLplayfootball (BrandPartner). I've never told u guys this, but I used to play football almost every weekend until I became immersed in the world of creative arts, entrepreneurialism, & social media. Very recently though, I was able to rekindle my passion for the sport & just thinking about all the fun exciting times I used to have playing football puts a smile on my face. 😁#NFLpartner #LetsPlayFootball
Date me😜Be sure to checkout my current fave way of meeting new ppl: #MatchStories @Match. Visit me on my personal link at: don't forget the 'www' otherwise the link won't work. (BrandPartner)
Have you seen my social experiment prank videos on YouTube? It's not a side of me that I show often on IG haha. Tap the link in my bio to watch more🔥🎥🎬
For those of u who are new.; welcome to the ZOdiac family. On my YouTube channel, I post mostly self improvement lifestyle tutorials. (lookbooks, skincare routines, hairstyle how to's etc) but I also have a few prank videos on my channel that on the surface are for entertainment, but my goal w/ those pranks was to ultimately challenge societal norms, break stereotypes & encourage dialogue about race, culture, & gender.
In general, my YouTube videos are designed to inspire young people like yourself to build self confidence & to live your best life in all aspects. If you think you'd like to learn more tap the link in my bio & be sure to subscribe. I have a lot of great content in store for you guys!💯
Note: every single social experiment prank I've ever done has has been 110% real & 200% embarrassing af. I approached real strangers & improvised my pick up without any idea of what I would say beforehand, it was an adrenaline rush for sure lol but the general lesson is this: approach what you want in life with passion & determination. Sometimes life will give you a "yes" other times life will give you a "no" but as long as you keep your focus and pursue things passionately you can eventually achieve any goal that you make for yourself- Even if it's as primal & low brow as getting a random strangers phone number lol.