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  Posted: Aug 8, 2012 2:58 AM FEED
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stopped working surprise she got that far! stood up and stared at me until dizzy

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Posted: Oct 18, 2017 2:09 PM
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It feels really weird to be on Fox News because a) I don't have TV and therefore don't watch Fox News. But it is incredible to have their support and the message reaching the right crowd and for that I am thankful to have my voice heard far and nation wide. Shout out to @aclu_nationwide @aneraorg @threadintl @risendivision our partners and collaborators and @chapter2agency + @thelibrary_eco ❤️ @fox5ny #fashionactivism is about fashion & politics and everything in between #beauty #power #resistance #action Full segment #linkinbio
Posted: Oct 15, 2017 9:44 PM
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It was such an honor to be on a panel with @marahoffman @alexiskrauss @ecocult for @otherfestival talking about my favorite topics #politics and #sustainablefashion #newmaterials and @mitmedialab 💜✊🏽 #fashionactivism
Posted: Oct 13, 2017 12:22 PM
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Join the Eco Warriors on sunday @otherfestival a gathering of #women who are changing the world! I will be on a panel with @marahoffman @alexiskrauss @ecocult to talk about choosing the road less traveled in #fashion and how it is still possible to #closetheloop and create #sustainablefashion #fashionactivism ✊🏽#newluxury
On days when all you need is a sign 🤸🏻‍♀️ grateful / excited to have @thelibrary_eco our #sustainablefashion archive already featured in @nytimes !! Shout out to @unicorngenius @collisbrowne @amandaparkes & @andjelicaaa of @fashiontechlab #fashionactivism cc: @clarajeon @kend305 @chapter2agency @haley_phelan
Just before @fox5ny came to film in our studio wearing @thelibrary_eco #miniskirt made with @threadintl #plasticbottle to #thread #denim and #katharinahamnett #first #slogantee #savethefuture Follow @thelibrary_eco and join as a member to help us create the world's first #sustainablefashion #archive #fashionactivism at its finest ✨✨
My heart is pounding as I share this: @thelibrary_eco is now live!
Sustainable Fashion Archive Reviving Classics in Sustainable Material 😍💎 #linkbio This wouldn't have been possible without @collisbrowne + @unicorngenius #collaborator #partner in crime 🌈 Shout out to our advisors @andjelicaaa @amandaparkes of @fashiontechlab #nerioxman @mitmedialab @stacylondonreal @solangefranklin #collaborators @clarajeon @kend305 @elle__jo @morganhass @angelycookie ✨ Powered by: @theslowfactory #fashionactivism
We've come such a long way.. So happy to announce that Le Design Team is taking only limited inquiries for projects for 2018. Launching @thelibrary_eco in a few days!! Our team is growing! @unicorngenius including amazing advisors @andjelicaaa @amandaparkes @harperreed @stacylondonreal @chapter2agency @clarajeon @kend305 collaborators @onerebeccajones @meredithjenks @solangefranklin to name a few #youknowwhoyouare #fashionactivism ❤️✨
Posted: Oct 5, 2017 1:09 PM
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“Instead of resisting to changes, surrender. Let life be with you, not against you. If you think ‘My life will be upside down’ don’t worry. How do you know down is not better than upside?” – Shams Tabrizi
Posted: Oct 3, 2017 9:26 AM
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Last night was the #launch of the @fashiontechlab @miraduma 's initiative to invest in sustainable materials and empower a new change in the #fashionindustry co-hosted by @stellamccartney the launch included discoveries by #bionicyarn #bioleather companies and sustainable #diamonds to name a few. I am beyond honored and inspired to have been invited to join and feel positive that the future of #fashion is finally shifting in the right direction. Excited to launch @thelibrary_eco in a few weeks! My collaborators are all women @unicorngenius @amandaparkes @mitmedialab #fashionactivism except for @collisbrowne our cto #magic cc: @andjelicaaa advisor on @theslowfactory the event happened @google #france#paris
Bonjour! J'adore #paris j'ai vécu ma jeunesse ici. ❤️ Recharging my battery ✨with le tourbillon de la vie #nouvellevague #jeannemoreau #nickidesaintphalle
Posted: Sep 27, 2017 1:07 AM
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Items #isfashionmodern @themuseumofmodernart incredibly inspiring exhibition! CONGRATS @paolantonelli @michellemillarfisher thank you for including @theslowfactory in the catalog #fashionactivism ❤️✨