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  Posted: Aug 8, 2012 1:56 AM FEED
6 X-Pro II
carias 5y ago
Where daddy?.... There he is!

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carias 1d ago
Throwback to the last time I had the #fujigfx50s for a week. I shot this in a Five Guys after the man in the photo asked me about what camera I was using. I then proceeded to show him how kick ass the camera is. He agreed with me full heartedly.
carias 2d ago
I need to get out of my comfort zone. I’m starting to get too repetitive in my day to day and in my work. I want to break that barrier. If you’re in Dubai hit me up and let’s create stuff!!!
carias 4d ago
This is Doddi. He’s probably one of the most genuinely positive people I’ve ever met. In the two or three weeks I’ve known him; he’s taught me backgammon, gave me a swim lesson, told me tons of amazing stories, given me solid life advice, and has just been a great person to hang out with. Paul Dodd, you’re an A-OK guy in my book.
carias 1w ago
What’s your favorite color of seamless paper? My favorite is pink 💁🏻#Phaseone
Posted: Oct 12, 2017 11:34 PM
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carias 1w ago
Does anyone else remember that week or two when the only song that got played was hotline bling? Those were simpler times.
carias 1w ago
Missing my ATL friends :( especially @ell.island @winedads and @hslawo
Posted: Oct 10, 2017 7:38 PM
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carias 1w ago
Wake up and smell the flowers! (Check my insta story to see the before and after)
carias 2w ago
When Eleanor Roosevelt wisely said, “You should do one thing every day that scares you” she didn't mean watch Scream or Google your flu symptoms to see if you've got cancer. They're those cozy places most of us live every day, where stress and risk are minimised by a steady level of comfort.
carias 2w ago
I feel like I haven’t made a post about my mom in a while (if ever) and I just wanted to let everyone know that she’s amazing and I love her to death. That is all.❤️
carias 2w ago
Don’t love anyone else more than you love yourself.
carias 2w ago
Caleb! How’d you take this photo? Well I’ll tell ya. A Profoto flash with a beauty dish behind her head and then a giant 6ft octa behind my head at its lowest power. #themoreyouknow
carias 2w ago
One of my favorites from my shootout with @danalmasy right before I came back to Dubai❤️
carias 3w ago
If you haven’t listened to @prohaize you should! Super vibey music and a super cool guy. Always fun shooting with him🙏🏻
carias 3w ago
If you haven’t watched my story, I’m denouncing cigarettes and removing all of the images on my feed that have pictures of people smoking them. I’ve always hated them but photographically they look so damn cool. Not anymore though. If you’re curious as to why I’m doing this please go watch my story. Also, please stop smoking, Dad. I love you to death but I can’t stand to see you constantly putting this shit in your body. It’s not good for you. Hope you can find the courage and will power to stop. Permanently. I want you on this Earth as long as I can have you here. I’m gonna go cry for a sec.
carias 3w ago
I always love going through old photos and re-editing them. Here’s one from California a while back where I got to see @kittcurry and go to the Golden Gate Bridge after sunset because there was so much traffic. We got some cool photos though!
carias 1M ago
It's funny when you post an inspirational post saying to shoot more while simultaneously not shooting as much as I want to. Here's a photo from the archives🐻
carias 1M ago
To all of you photographers out there who feel like either they aren't good enough or will never get better, you're wrong. The thing that was hardest to me when I started was constantly comparing my work to others. My work never was as good as I wanted it to be. It never will be. On the left is a photo I took in 2015 and on the right is one from last month. The only way to get better in photography is to keep shooting keep shooting keep shooting. I don't know why I'm making this post, but I want you to know that if you feel like you aren't good enough... maybe you aren't. Yet. Don't let that stop you though. You might not be a great photographer yet, but in time you will be if you want it. (All the photos on the left are from 2015 or longer ago and the right ones are more recent)