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libedon 271w ago
Half moons with #julep Natalie and #chinaglaze Re-Fresh Mint, accented with a mini Sally's gold polish! I used paper reinforcements and a toothpick to create this manicure. Yay!

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I love learning who you are, and I love that you show me more every day.
This little girl. Sweet, wonderful, messy, smart, funny little girl. 📸 @mackrae1231
libedon 13w ago
Took our girl @miss.elliejane to @welcomechickenanddonuts for the first time today. I think it's safe to say she's a fan. #welcomehomie
libedon 16w ago
We told ourselves we wanted to take Eleanor camping at nine months old. This weekend we did it! Thank you @mackrae1231 for coordinating a great getaway that we all needed. #coconino #camping #campingwithkids #liveoutdoors
libedon 17w ago
"Do you know what a stud finder is? Your mom." Happy Father's Day, We are so lucky to have you!
libedon 30w ago
I mean really. How do I get anything done with this face. @miss.elliejane
libedon 30w ago
Thick as thieves, these two.

@miss.elliejane met her great grandma Jane last week. They became fast friends!
libedon 36w ago
One day she'll be too cool for a selfie with Mom. But for now... 👩‍👧
libedon 43w ago
I still do my nails sometimes. (Actually this is the first time I've done them in 12 weeks. 😳) keeping it cute with a spectroflair ombré thanks to @brummingbird.
libedon 45w ago
Oh how I love this face! @miss.elliejane is two months old. Long days, short years.
libedon 55w ago
Eleanor Jane made her arrival on Friday morning at 3:44 am. Welcome to the world, little love - you've changed my whole life! Follow her adventures at @miss.elliejane.
libedon 59w ago
Catching some wild eevees at work and loving the new @bitebeauty Multisticks I received from @influenster! I have macaroon on my lips and cheeks, and blondie/cocoa on my lids for a neutral daytime look. I love the cream to powder finish and the staying power of these guys, especially for on-the-go beauty. #themultistick #contest
libedon 65w ago
Charley passed away in my arms today. I don't know what we did to deserve such an amazing dog, but the past seven years have been brighter with him. Goodnight, my sweet puppy.