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  Posted: Aug 7, 2012 10:25 PM FEED
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Just woke up and confused with all the notifications.. After I observed a bit then i found nothing( didn't get feature somewhere). After that i checked my email and got an email from @instagram! They said, Now i'm currently in Instagram suggested users list! ๐Ÿ˜ฑ never thought they will notice me! Thanks instagram, feel so honored! And thanks to all of you, friends! Your support really means a lot for me :) so yeah this is my avatar, @kyori (he got a great feed) asked me to post it :)

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I remember we were freezing on the top of the deck of @vikingcruises with @andretamburrini when we witnessed this beauty. The foggy morning really took the atmosphere to a different mood. To see the autumn colors along Danube river was something special. So sad everything has to an end so is our #myvikingstory. But will def post more of my journey from this beautiful cruise.
@vikingcruises took me to this impressive city in Austria, Vienna. When i first came, I was greeted by the fog but then the light came in and everything turned into magic. Somehow i feel overwhelmed by the beauty in this city but it was a very great experience to be here for the first time. Especially because i met @anasbarros and her beautiful @miudafrenchie ! We spent the evening at the gorgeous rooftop near this church with @capra311 @juanjerez and @laurac.atelier . It was unforgettable. #myvikingstory #vikingcruise
Saying goodbye to this tropical vibes. Going to go to somewhere much colder. I think soon i will miss this glass of wine with the perfect sunset view and the sea breeze that went inside to my room in @tuguhotels Bali. Well, I do miss this place already. Right @matthewdjoevan ? #tugubali
A cheesy pose in a gorgeous yet over-popular Lago of Dolomiti in a not so friendly spring weather... but i still had fun with @capra311 hehehe.
Memory of the moon, in the morning dawn of Papua.
La montagne // if i don't have travel plan ahead, probably I'd be in Bali still. Like @nyimaslaula said, can't believe this beauty is going to erupt. I remember the first time i came to Amed Beach and witnessed one of the most beautiful sunset with Mt Agung front of my eyes in 2016. It was truly a deep moment because i thought the clouds would covered this mountain. Enough nostalgia about that. Now i just hope everyone stay safe and let the universe works on its unique way.
Wandering heart, Wandering soul. The beautiful bride, @micheeto . Represented by #sadajiwaimmagine
Finally, a sunrise from Bali again with my #iphone5s. Anyway,
are you a morning person? Most of people I know are not morning person. Somehow I always woke up very early though I sleep less or tired. Somehow it's like a curse especially when i'm tired but the alarm in my head wakes me up every damn morning. Yet, i kinda feel thankful because since I always wake up in the morning, a day seems longer. Especially when I gotta see this piece of joy in the morning, feeling so blessed. โ˜€๏ธ // song by @realwashedout - weightless (psst : i got inspired so much by Washed Out. Definitely on my top 10 list favorite musician since years ago. His album paracosm is something that I always play at the beach. His life of leisure album is the one that accompany me in the car)
"Seribu orang tua hanya dapat bermimpi, satu orang pemuda dapat mengubah dunia" -Ir Soekarno

Menurutku, pendidikan itu sangat penting untuk diri kita dan kemajuan bangsa ini. Yuk join aku & @SehatAQUA untuk #RangkulKebaikan.
Dengan cara beli 2 botol, kamu udah berkontribusi untuk memajukan pendidikan di Indonesia.
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Captured by : @christineadel
Probably you've seen this place already. But this is my first time and i'm lovin' every inch of this place. It's quite like a secret garden, up on the aling-aling waterfall area. The journey was quite long, 3 hours from Denpasar. Fortunately, @bangkitbangkiit was kind enough to drive me, @nanagunawaan @matthewdjoevan and @tinorenato to this gorgeous hidden pool. I swam around though it was cold and i was kinda afraid and still prefer the ocean lol.
Cheers to our friendship and this fantastic room. Really surprised by the calm in this heart of Canggu, Bali. @tuguhotels definitely a hotel to relax and enjoy your peaceful moment in this island of gods. #tuguhotels #bali
That ol' #fromwhattheysee hashtag. Gorgeous day with this bride to be in Bandung. Represented by #sadajiwaimmagine
Really can't wait to go back... soon โค๏ธ taken by my @capra311