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The Way Chai Like It: house chai syrup, orgeat, and cold brew.
Just what I needed this morning.
Cereal Crusted French Toast: blueberry mascarpone filled brioche topped with hibiscus honey and mint. Incredibly good.
I'm SO craving the off menu Steak Tartare Burger at @vacationbar in #dtsa It's incredibly flavorful and completely hits my meat spot! @a_ronthechef @harrykhokho #burger #bliss
Having drinks in @gourmetgreg714's honor.

Cole made me a Whiskey Sour w/a Malbec float, delicious. He knows me well already.
The perfect cocktail for this holiday season created by @bartendingpriest
at the @orangehilleats
It's a riff on the Alexander, consisting of #HennessyVS #JamacanRum #AllspiceDram plus special touches by Paul Piane, the @bartendingpriest

It's the holidays in a brandy glass. #SOGOOD #NeedThisAgain
Testing out my rub blend (with some tweaks) on this 4lb pork butt today. Turkey can wait till Thursday.
Bacon, Onion, Swiss, Thyme & Chive Quiche all ready for the 375° dry sauna :)
Loaf #4 is looking pretty damn delicious. Tweaked this one with Bragg's apple cider vinegar instead of the white distilled vinegar the recipe called for.
Loaf #2 came out even better. I'm liking this baking in a Dutch oven technique, the bread comes out very crusty.
Kneaded, now it sits here for 2 hrs to proof before I preheat a dutch oven at 500° which then I'll lift the dough and gently lower it into the dutch oven to bake, with the lid on.