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  Posted: Aug 7, 2012 7:39 PM
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My new single, TRIUMPHANT (GET 'EM) is finally available for download. Get it now on iTunes @
  • Triumflop!!!

  • I got it!!!!!!!

  • I love you mariah your a big inspiration to me.

  • Downloaded :)

  • I am mariah's biggest fan

  • Got it!!

  • aw *-*

  • Oh Yeah!! @soglam1

  • mimoq8 5y ago

    @ammedina77 now we are not stuck in 1990 she always involved us with her music and stuff that why she created lambs appreciation day to let us share her music and her and nick said that she is listening to her old songs from Mariah Carey album to Music box , so listening to these albums created this sone or this taste ! Hell no I think she was listening to Tupac without rapping her own song by using rappers instead of her , we are lambs buy honestly it's the worst first single ever

  • Mariah sua fuleira jah comprei mana!

  • Love you MC💗💗💗

  • I've been listening to mariah since vision of love on arsenio hall ! Love her and one of my biggest inspirations. But - I dont like this song . I like the subject matter but we dont need all these popular rappers just cause they are hot right now I want old Mariah. I think the last best song was We Belong Together no bull💩

  • mimoq8 5y ago

    I did. I bought it ten times from many iTunes accounts but I should tell the truth as a true lamb same as u @ammedina77

  • Love u mimi

  • I love this, especially the way you're singing new vocals for your remixes again. Your voice is AWESOME Mariah!!!!

  • Yayyyy! You rock @mariahcarey ! 😃

  • I love it so much, is all over on Ghana radio station cus I request for it.

  • Love this song! Get em get em get em! 

  • downloaded ❤.Italy loves you.... Un bacio bella!!!😊

  • Super excited

  • congrat Mariah XOXO

  • Perfeita música anda mais cantada pela diva das divas ... te amo Mariah .

  • Go Mimi! Go lambs all over the world!! ;)

  • @mariahcarey I LOVE IT!! original mix is great but the stone winner smash is the pulse club mix hands down that should be promoted and released as a download too especially/unfortunately with it being "the dance era!" darling!!! #CantWait4TheAlbum ❤much Love Kurtz #Lamb4Life!!! LYM Xxx 😘

  • mimoq8 5y ago

    @cheektv finally someone agreed here , u know that they deleted many comments I wrote who is hiding the truth on Mariah ? Her management deleted a very good thing they didn't like wut I wrote !

  • Love it!!! :)

  • I WANT THE RINGTONE! Gimme gimme gimme...please :). xxxxxx

  • Meek Mill's part didn't quite cut the sing in my opinion. Wish you would have had a bigger since it was your first new song. But you sound great!

  • * fit the song

  • jmgcjg 5y ago

    I bought it this morning couldn't stop playing it

  • Mimi should try exploring techno pop to add 10 more Number 1's. :D

  • I love how you throw in melodies as they rap. It sounds great! You are so gangster! Love the message in the song! 💃💪💃💪💃💪💃💪💍


  • I love you, I have all your CDs, DVDs and Bluray, BUT, this track is awful. Sorry, the song is yours and you even sing in it! It's a shame. And yes, I've heard the remixes but what counts is the official version of it, and it sucks to listening to it at radio. Flop :(

  • chinese lambs love you forever,and bought it on USA iTunes

  • krizl0 5y ago

    Mc love u big lamb, never say anything negative about you. I have personally not been a fan of ur last few singles, I think other fans agree and that's why we r finally speaking out. Your management should've ditched this single as soon as the fans spoke out. Your not listening to ur true fan base, sorry. 💗you

  • I luv u MC

  • #1 iTunes Thailand 3 days in a row now!!

  • dsv79 5y ago

    @mariahcarey Triumphan is #4 on itunes Argentina just 2 days!!

  • @mariahcarey can't wait to hear it! Get em!

  • # triumphant is #1 in itunes #Philippines on its first day! :D

  • love triumphant!!!

  • I want it Mimi.

  • I can't stop listening to it!!

  • Buying now!

  • jt1st 5y ago

    Can't wait for the new album

  • Please MSG me.

  • Song is another banger!!!! Good job MC you can do no wrong!!!

  • I love you, your the best!! :)

  • downloaded. great song

  • I love the way you sing 'on a cloudy day...' you make anything sound beautiful

  • MC you are the best in the whole globe... With full love from East Timor...

  • Я люблю тебя!!!!!!!!

  • I think the song would've been more successful if you have released the remix! You don't really hear Mariah in the version you released. Big disappointment 😔

  • I love you Mariah Carey

  • I agree, a big disappointment to me too! The Remixes are way better than the original Song, especially the Pulse Remix! It includes much more Mariah! I don't think the original Song will do well! The Rappers are enoying! The Original Song frankly is shit!!!

  • Come sing in south fla M! Miss you. Need my M fixxx!

  • remix is much more better

  • I wish it would of been Mariah Dance song with Pitbull that's what's going to sell look at J.Lo she's not wasting time she wants to get paid. I love Somers like Obsessed, Don't Forget About Us, The Roof is my favorite!

  • Not Somers I mentvto say Song's

  • Mariah Please contract people like Pitbull, FloRida, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj I want you to have a successful Album because I love you Mariah!

  • Love u Mariah but this song really sucks!

  • She already worked with Nicki minaj... And the song didn't go anywhere...

  • Buy a catchy song jesus :-)

  • I've been listening to all 3 versions of TRIUMPHANT while laying sick in bed. This song is inspiring! Love it!

  • Luv the message this send Mariah.... It's pretty deep!

  • Obsessed!!!

  • Dear Mariah im from Singapore on behalf of the asia lamb as a request, you need to release the video very soon cuz triumphant is decreasing on the US Itune Chart it so sad!! For the other US lamb please help to buy the song in itune n keep on buying and request the song on the radio!!! This is a major evacuation for all the lamb in US and other part of the world to be united and help to boost the single up!! Please please please help to get Mariah #1 in the US Itune digital chart

  • Getting it!

  • Love u so much

  • muc69 5y ago

    Luv u Mimi

  • muc69 5y ago

    I'm getting it Friday

  • Nice song! Love u!

  • I love ur new song MiMi

  • Omg. Love it!!! Now I can't stop listening to it lol

  • When will the really talented Mariah Carey stand up again for a sustainable period. Such a tremendous talent and resource continues to waste away. You are way better than this and I sincerely pray you realize that before it's too late.

  • I really don't think she has to prove anything more. I heard the song and you can hear all of her great qualities. Perhaps she'd like to concentrate on being a great mom. If so I commend her for that. Keep on hittin those high notes Mariah. Luv ya!

  • Hi @mariahcarey, I sent you a message on @InstaTalks

  • Mimi :)

  • Got it ;)

  • Just bought it... New favorite song #hooked

  • Iloveyousomuch mariah... Hugs n kisses.. I pray for you and your family always...

  • I like the new song! But I like all ur songs :)

  • I been listening to u sing since the 90's .everyone always say really paula we r going to listen to some more Mariah lol and I say u already now me and yes we r!!!!

  • I love your songs but I agree with rockleemix, its still good but its a shame there is less of you and more rapping. still love it as its mc! I've been a fan forever!

  • I like the song, but I prefer the other remixes :)

  • That is still no.1 in iTunes here in d Philippines! L4

  • @mariahcarey when does the album come out

  • So awesome!

  • Want the album

  • Song is amazing learnt the whole of it in 1day ! x

  • @teresashonda march 2013

  • 최고

  • Ay yi yi @jeremydante that's so far away:-[

  • @teresashonda but Idol is starting soon, so we'll be seeing more MC soon.

  • @jeremydante yeah I know I told everyone that I never watched idol before but now I have 2 since my girl Mimi wIll be on there

  • @teresashonda it's like, suddenly the show has credibility. MC is definitely changing the game for them.

  • Lol @jeremydante I know it's about time they finally had somebody that can really sing

  • the best !

  • My new ringtone

  • I love this song it came at a time of need! Much love!

  • Anyone know when the video is going to iTunes

  • cant wait to buy the new album <3 its gonna be festive!!

  • qntamz 5y ago

    I can't find it on iTunes 😔

  • belovd 5y ago

    @kaypalito ❤❤❤

  • Ahhhhhh @belovd

  • Yes !!!!

  • i luv it

  • Sexy!!!!

  • you know i bought it. so good

  • Got mine get'3m get'3m get'3m ;)

  • Got mine get'3m get'3m get'3m ;)

  • I'm watching the video because it just came on the tv

  • Dope bitch!!!!!!

  • Honey

  • Love this song baby

  • @mariahcarey when is this album gonna drop?? I feel like ive been waiting forever!! I need some new stuff!

  • @mariahcarey GOT IT!! Whoop Whoop

  • I have many fav songs from you but my fav is #i give my all, I wish you made more songs like that :)

  • ❤❤💋💋❤❤❤

  • Ringtone forever omg

  • I love it

  • This is my workout song that motivates me!!!

  • Pretty good

  • I love your music so much

  • Love that song I was just listening to it<3

  • @mariahcarey My dream is to one day you know, see you in person, hold you, take pictures with you, I'm a fan too.😍😘💖💞💕

  • Stay triumphant, keep on living! Such a beautiful song and I'm blessed that I was able to live in this time to hear it

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