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Just so y'all know, I've BEEN team Hilfiger 😤
Gotta snap a pic when the fit for the night is on point
We're still working on the whole "catching the ball" part. #UncleBub
When you find the perfect lighting for selfies at the party
hey. just chillin sideways in black and white on your Instagram tl
don't mind me
Pretty excited that I get to see this little one whenever I want to now
What they meant when they said "15 seconds of fame"
stokes22b 108w ago
Rouzie's face when she gets taken to the vet
stokes22b 112w ago
In the rare moments when the stubble looks decent, I gotta post a pic
stokes22b 131w ago
Summer is getting closer so I thought I'd throw it back to simpler time #tbt
stokes22b 150w ago
Hate to post twice but this was the first time I met this little girl, can't wait to watch her grow up #UncleBub
stokes22b 155w ago
Had to give a Birthday S/O to one of my best friends @tannerl85 You mean so much that a pic of just one Tanner was not enough haha
stokes22b 155w ago
As you grow up you tend to lose friends here and there.. But you never lose your best friend
stokes22b 160w ago
Thought I'd join the movement and throw it back to Junior year in honor of Pampa's homecoming today.