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To all my beloved followers!
I know I've been gone but I needed a break from Instagram. And look what happened while I was gone!! I'm having a fresh start and I'm doing this by having a new account!! Follow @adventurehero if you'd like to see more of my photography!! I also want to apologise to my father (@yachtpagos), but lets face it, he had it coming!!! P.S. dear Instagram, you can take this photo!!!!
To all my beloved follower!
My camera is temporarily broken so I will not be posting any picture are a while. I will be send it off to #canon and when it returns I will be post once again.
Please do not unfollow me from lack of activity as this is only temporary!!
Hope you aren't getting bored with my multiplicity photos. Here's one I did today.
Now these two handsome guys just keep following me around!!
I'm so special they couldn't help but clone me.
I know I've posted this already but I didn't like how it came out cropped for Instagram. This is the original whole image
Buddha looking down on the whole of Krabi.
Kid flying on a bike. Give him wings and I'm sure he'd take off
After 1248 steps this is the view from the top!
Dads camera setup. Looks pretty serious huh @yachtpagos
This kid was awesome. Swear he was born on a bike!!
After the rain is when natures beauty radiates!!
I'm actually obsessed with drops at the moment! I promise I'll slow down with these soon hahaha 💦💧
I know I've been posting lots of droplet/flower photos but it's been raining so here's another