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Kicking off Open Studios SF 2017 @artspansf for the next five weekends, hundreds of artists around the city will be opening up their private studios to the public.
please join us November 11 and 12 in the Castro from 12 PM to 6 PM for my studio viewing! 🎨
First time to the De Young museum! What an amazing collection, truly a gem.
Better late than never 😄 First trip to Hong Kong with my fav @ka_lau #TBT #latergram
Was a fun time in Chicago seeing my mom and sister Keri! Miss these beautiful ladies 😘#latergram
Great time taking Gammy to Muir Woods. Coolest thing I learned is that these trees absorb most of the water from the dense fog typically found on the coastal areas. Also, it wasn't until recently that someone had climbed up to the top of the trees, only to found soil in certain crevices of the trees hosting an assortment of species never found anywhere else like frogs, freshwater crayfish and crabs 🦀. Crabs and shrimp in trees 🌲 Can you believe that?!