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  Posted: Aug 6, 2012 6:50 PM FEED
9 X-Pro II

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This women’s park killer just took home another @TWSnow #GoodWood Award‼️ Can you say 4-peat 🏆🏆🏆🏆⁉️ However, there’s more.. the #CAPiTASpaceMetalFantasy also won the #BangForYourBuck award, meaning this badass board is also one of the most affordable women’s boards on the market retailing at $370.00! What more could you ask for? See more of what the ladies had to say about the SMF — link in bio 🔗
When you go on a trip to Jackson, WY to jump, but you leave with a fastplant finger flip 🤷🏻‍♂️🔥 See more of @bcocard in @absinthefilms #TurboDojo // 🎥: @finding_wyld #CAPiTAultrafear
The Scenic Route Episode 2 is LIVE‼️ Catch @yawgoons hog @gramsohard aka The Corrugated Connoisseur, @johnnyoconnor, & more in this one! Link in bio, story, or on @twsnow — you know the deal! 🤷🏻‍♂️🔥 🚐💨 // 🎥: @idforreal #boutfire #twscenicroute
#TBT: 2011 CAPiTA Ultrafear // Just below the surface of this reality legions of things exist that will shatter your sanity in a heartbeat. CAPiTA has released the Super Limited Ultrafear FK snowboard from the space between to see if anyone can handle it. The Ultrafear FK is essentially a Horrorscope FK dipped in radioactive power juice and the blood of virgins. In other words, they drove the Horrorscope FK last it’s breaking point to a new level of park supremacy that mere mortals can barely comprehend. It’s psychosis is evident when you see the multiple personalities captured from other CAPiTA snowboards that make up the Ultrafears graphics. #WeDevourEverything
Who’s ready for Episode #2 of The Scenic Route⁉️ Tune in tomorrow to see where @johnnyoconnor & crew take us next! 🚐💨 🔨🔥// 🎥: @idforreal #twscenicroute
Dwayne "The Rock" Wainhouse giving the Washington backcountry the #PeoplesElbow 💪🏼 via Backside Rodeo 720 // 📸: @bradandrew #CAPiTAdoa
New Jersey staple @OutOfBoundsNJ is fully-stocked with the the largest CAPiTA inventory east of the Mississippi! If you’re in Jersey give Jackson and the good people of #OOBNJ a visit! 🔥🔌 #WestfieldNJ #ParamusNJ #supportlocal
Sunday’s will soon be spent boarding with the homies, but until then here’s some slush slashin’ 🔥 with Jor boy @jornaab! 🤤🌴 // 🎥: @bragerichenberg #CAPiTAdoa
Posted: Oct 14, 2017 11:28 PM
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@KazuKokubo putting his signature switchblade to work ⚔️🔥🙏🏼 // 🎥: @kfilms_yadokari #CAPiTAkazu
#TBT: CAPiTA Party Shark 2010-2011 // Nothing captures the essence of snowboarding more than an epic powder day. Specifically, to the point in time when you’re mauling through mad pow - blasting double overhead snow blowers - and realize for those few seconds, you’re living the dream. WE call that the “Fuck Yeah Bro!” moment, because it’s inevitably the first thing said when you see another human - right before the hi-fives and the beers. The CAPiTA Party Shark FK is an extremely limited edition tapered tail powder machine engineered specifically for this experience. Nodded after the world famous “Charlie Slasher FK”, these boards feature freestyle inspired tip and tail shapes and a single reverse camber area for the insert pack forward to keep your party board afloat. The Party Shark FK only lives to get radical. Get one if you can find it, and DEVOUR THE POW!

Bonus clip 👉🏼 @bcocard flipping the damn thing! 🦈 #CAPiTAsnowboards #WeDevourEverything #FKyeahbro
Ride around the East Coast with @johnnyoconnor & friends 🚐💨‼️ Episode 1 of The Scenic Route is live! 🔗 in bio / story / or @TWSnow[.com] 👀🔥

🎥: @idforreal #twscenicroute
Posted: Oct 11, 2017 11:20 PM
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Follow @johnnyoconnor around on The Scenic Route! — Ep. 1 drops tomorrow. Stay tuned! 👀🔜

🎥: @idforreal #twscenicroute
POLL: Is @DustinCraven mental? 💀YES | 😇 NO 👇🏼👇🏼 What do you think? 🤔

🎥: @piratescrew #CAPiTAsnowboards
Kevin Backstrom churnin’ & burnin’ on the #CAPiTAmercury. Catch more of this in the #ArcadiaMovie, now LIVE on iTunes! 💸🖥🔥 @backstromkevin

🎥: @teddymuse
Sunday morning ease with style guru @KazuKokubo 🙏🏼 We’re just about ready to spend our weekends unleashing the inner powder wolf.

🎥: @piratecrew @unionbindingco // #CAPiTAsnowboards #UnionBindings #STRONGER