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She managed to take a few pics and walk down the aisle. I'd say it was successful. She loves her Nicky and Elisa!!! Let's take a moment and acknowledge how gorgeous the bride is.
QT with this babe for the past 6 days while daddy is away on business. Love love love her @a_bradley5
This little lady loves any dress she can twirl in. Love her!!! #georgiabelle @a_bradley5
Another day, another performance, same dress, same cute little lady #georgiabelle @a_bradley5
Happy Birthday to my soulmate!!!! He is literally the most amazing man, husband and father. He just gets better and better year after year. Love you babe!!! @a_bradley5
Early mornings w/this cutie who's a little unsure of the ocean this summer #georgiabelle @a_bradley5
I ask her all the time if she's my best friend and she tells me "no. Oliver best friend".. she's still my favorite little lady #4ofjuly #georgiabelle @a_bradley5