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lemoniq 271w ago
Just came across some old pics of G. #bracco #braccoitaliano #dog #face #smile #crazyeyes

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lemoniq 10w ago
11 years together (over 4000 days of 3 to 10 ''i love yous' a day), 7 years married today 🥂🍾. 1 dog, 2 kids later and I still love my man like crazy and I miss him the moment he leaves home for work. You are my best friend and I love our store bought sushi box style anniversaries @gambitt
#weddinganniversary #marriedlife
lemoniq 11w ago
Oh my! Climbing mt everest seems easier than taking a proper photo with a toddler. It was Lara's 3rd bday this weekend. We had a blast. Happy birthday little girl. And thank you for being there with us @demon_drukarki_wierszowej @wojtec @bizibii @annakanior ❤️
lemoniq 12w ago
This girl turned 3 today. My best friend and coolest girl in town. I love her to the 🌙and back.
lemoniq 16w ago
Happy Father's Day @gambitt
We are lucky to have you, so lucky ❤️❤️❤️ #fathersday #dzientaty #dzienojca #superdad
lemoniq 26w ago
The cheapest canopy and a few hand made felt balls is a dream come true for my 3yo. It's also a good idea when transitioning your toddler to his new bed.
#kidsroom #pokojdziecka #canopy #ikeashelves #nursery #toddler