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I'm sorry for not posting. I feel horrible. I'm looking for co owners so if you are interested comment below!!
I feel like if i post ill lose followers because that's what's going on. I really want to reach 1.3k it'd be amazing
Oh dear I realized I haven't posted in almost a week. What's crackalackin Instagram??
I officially hate high school. Tuesday, I came to school and I showed my guy friend a picture of Taylor Lautner because they look oddly alike. His friends started cheering and going 'ooooooh' and that's when the rumors started on how I apparently like him. Today for some fucking reason they put up a Sex Ed booth in the Foyer and if you got something right on the board you got a condom. So my guy friend went and won a condom and I'm laughing really hard and my friends and I head outside. We were standing outside when my friends starts screaming and we realized the boy was throwing the condom at us. And he followed us in the parking lot and it was disgusting. I ended up running into this grade 12 (He smelled nice so I didn't regret it) and I was hella embarrassed. My life sucks now but idk, I guess this is how high school is.

I had a soccer game today and I play net and I got a shutout pmdjdisjozndxis

What sports do you play??
It's still your birthday where I am. I'd like to wish you a happy birthday. Thank you for being you, for helping me when times got tough, for giving me a reason to smile @niallhoran
IM ALMOST At 1.3k ainsixhosbsridbsigteikf I LOVE MY SLUTBUCKETS. Guess what? When we reach 1.3K I will do anything the first comment says (I.e 25 things about me, selfie, video of me doing something stupid)
omginfiehsigsishsifiens anyone know what happened to @mcpeen???? IM FREAKING OUT BECAUSE I CAN'T FIND HER ASK EITHER JNIWNSKDNDJHSH WHAT DO I DO?
LISTEN UP. LOUIS IS NOT THROWING UP, that's his energy drink. Soccer is a contact sport, I've been playing it for 10 years and I haven't gotten seriously hurt. I'm actually laced up ready for a game today. You may get some bumps and bruises but its all part of the game. I don't understand why everyone is saying #PRAYFORLOUIS1!1!1!1!1!
I like high school because there is no popular crowd or jocks or stuff. Everyone is just people. The older grades are really helpful but cafeteria food is shit just saying
Okay so basically I walk to school with my Neighbour (he's a guy)

And school recently started and today we walked back home. Later I find out that he complained to his mom about not being able to talk to his friends and he feels obligated to walk home with me. He was getting upset because he didn't get buddy time and he felt like he had to baby sit me (I'm older than him by like 6 months) so I'm annoyed. I hate it when people think of me as a nuisance. Welcome to my life.