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  Posted: Aug 6, 2012 1:22 AM FEED
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so im using these col-erase pencils (i think green is my favorite) and im learning to like them. still unsure quite how to use them for sketching, think this may be a little too detailed. just got back from vacation. i'll slap some lines over this n upload that. just figured id show a sketch. #sketch #dog #drawing #coloredpencil #colerase #prismacolor #doodle #green #art #cartoon #dogs

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also my son is getting in the Halloween spirit 🎃🎃🍁 !!this is not his costume either it's just his festive shirt !!! #cockerspaniel
"spoiled!? i don't understand what that means, mom!" 😋🙄 #lovehimtho murph durph
Today was the worst day of Murphy's life because for the first time EVER, choice market was sold out of dog biscuits. we walked there in the rain for our usual (a tart for me, coffee, and a dog biscuit) and Murphy was quite deflated when he realized there was no biscuit. i gave him the pumpkin seeds off the tart, though.
ok i have spent too many hours of my life playing with a rubber chicken 🐔
storyboard boiiiiizzzzzz (also that is Spencer smiling !?) 🙀🎬
6 months raising this pup pup ! where did the time go!? it's been really rewarding 😍love my murph
me when i see a dog at a bar (it's my dog now-- all dogs are family)