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Posted: Aug 19, 2017 9:54 PM
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az_bee 2M ago
Sometimes we need a little mischief...
az_bee 2M ago
When we be popping them bright colours and making oreo biscuit pics 🙈😂😄 darnit I am dark lol
I think we nailed the theme of tight and bright 🔆 hehehe
#Fitchix24 #Favs #Queens #myhappyplace
az_bee 2M ago
When your world starts crumbling around you and you trying to keep your head above the water. Take deep breaths, and trust in him.
Just know Allah won't place you in a situation you can't handle.
#allahtawakallah #solace #life
Posted: Jul 17, 2017 12:38 PM
4 Clarendon
az_bee 3M ago
That face you make when you see that 100% on that last module today 😍💖 All smiles 😄

#mondaysmade #slay #isja #onemoretogo
az_bee 3M ago
When I have a dance/mendhi session with my fave niece 💖😍 She keeps me young lol #laughingfordays #love #despacito🔂
az_bee 3M ago
This is called baby steps burpees 😊 well done ladies that came out to brave the cold ❄
#Fitchix24 #iamstrong #iambeautiful
az_bee 3M ago
When I suffer from fomo and join class when I am sick 😂 I'm band from training 😒 though 😒😒 Is ja skut jou biscuits 😂😂😂 #Fitchix24 #fomo #sadlife
az_bee 4M ago
Last class with my fave 💖 @aanisa_edwards

Bootcamp beastmode was Lit 🔥 lmao I can't feel my legs but #NoPainNoGain
But them donuts and melktert 😱 lol
#Fitchix24 #mypassion #isja
az_bee 5M ago
When class gets cancelled and we end up going on a coffee date 💖 Bonding with the aunty 😄

I couldn't resist the pancakes sorry 🙇 🙏

#coffeedate #pancakes #caramelcreamandfriedbanana #yumyum #cheatnight
az_bee 5M ago
Happy Mothers day to this Champion. Eventhough you were sick, and I was freaking out that you wouldn't make it, but despite all that you overcame the mighty Koesiester Hill 😂 even if it took you forever but you did it 💖 💕
Hope you had an amazing day momma bear
#fitfam #Fitchix24 #slaveroutechallenge #slaveroutechallenge2017 #morningexercise #irunthis
az_bee 5M ago
Happy birthday to my Salma 😍
May Allah grant you nothing but happiness Inshaa-allah May you continue to be the loving, playful, ask a lot of questions and intelligent girly.
You make Saturdaycare awesome 😍💖 and I wouldn't change our memories for anything 💜💕 Love you my nunupie 😘😘😘😘
az_bee 5M ago
When I'm back in my element after a months leave 😍 yip you read right, A MONTHS LEAVE 😂 who would of known I'd remember all the formulas for these things 💖 🙈
#backtowork #backtothegrind #pharmstudents
az_bee 5M ago
When my heart wants to be on a 🗻 right now. The only place on earth to calm me more and more as I walk along the trails... I need a hike right now... Any trail will do... #hike #mountaintrails #wonderlust #stressrelief
az_bee 5M ago
My journey has just begun 🙈 A year and 4months ago I weighed 74.9kg's on the left <== and was the most miserable and annoying person ever. Until I couldn't stand myself anymore, I made a change. Now I'm 20kgs lighter and couldn't be more happier.
Now I'm motivated more than ever to be a healthier and fitter version of myself 💪 anything is possible if you work hard enough with discipline 💖
#feelingpositive #Fitchix #Fitchix24 #bodytransformation #fof #eatclean #traindirty #futuregoals #6packabs
az_bee 5M ago
When we all sick and lay by mum 😍 we will always be kids in her eyes hehehe 😂
#motherlylove #sickvibes