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User Image theglobalmovement Posted: Oct 25, 2017 9:34 PM (UTC)
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All subjective & objective existences come under the jurisdiction of "Established Universal Order", so no one existing in the "parametric space" of the #infinite #universe is exempt from its established evolutionary order.
After a Great Resistance caused by the Most Corrupt known by various Titles & Names in All Languages, Faiths, & Cultures, who are illegally present & also deceitfully controlling planet earth against the ESTABLISHED EVOLUTIONARY ORDER which are collectively known as the THREE DIMENSIONAL WORLDS & these 3 Dimensional Planes collectively exist since ancient times by the conscious seers & sages as an "area of doings". The Physical body is a vessel of the spirit. Upon death of the incarnated form, the body does not leave- it is the vital animation known as the "Silver Cord" which is cut separating the personality consciousness or experiencing "soul". As everything manifested is made of light- everything is vibrating in higher frequencies or lower frequencies. A scientific law & fact states: Higher frequencies consume Lower frequencies. Love overcomes fear. What is Love? Compassion. Will To Do Good. Fear is just the Anxiety of the Unknown. Fear is a program 'feeling' used to control. These invisible corrupt vital conscious existences, who are illegally ruling this Planet through their incarnated human fronts with a Ruthless "MIGHT IS RIGHT" Policy, in which their materially rich & famous stooges, who are present in All Cultures, Casts, & Creeds, especially existing as the governing rulers, politicians, bankers, corporate owners, industrialists, etc. whom do not Much Appreciate their Own "Down Trodden Members" of HUMAN KINGDOM & are thus Totally DEVOID OF SPIRITUAL LOVE & KINDNESS & have WILLFULLY turned this three world segment of Righteousness into a segment of unrighteousness.
The evolving human beings, while being well educated in Material World OBJECTIVE SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGIES, commonly known as the "SCIENCE OF MATTER", are mostly kept in the DARK & IGNORANT about the SUBJECTIVE SCIENCES of the UNIVERSE, which since Ancient Times have been known to Prophets, Seers, & Sages, as the "SCIENCE OF SPIRIT".
User Image theglobalmovement Posted: Sep 24, 2017 7:11 PM (UTC)
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Human Beings were created for them to have a "Peaceful & Harmonious" existence during their short duration incarnated lives in this dense plane world, to have a non violence existence among themselves & in the animal world. Humans were given Molar Teeth like all other #vegetarian #animals "ONLY to eat plant food", & properly chew it before its consumption. Many of the "Governing Rulers & Theologians", negatively propagated among human beings the "Wrongful Behavior of Eating Animal Flesh", which further imbalanced the "conscious state" of their evolving minds & thus propagated more ruthless behavior & corrupt activities filled with animal passions in evolving humans, because it is a stated fact, which says "YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT". After the consumption its "vitality" becomes a part of your evolving consciousness.
Many humans of the physical plane of this Planet Earth, who have IGNORANTLY developed DEMONIC NATURE in their daily lives by Consuming FLESH & MEAT of the INNOCENT ANIMALS, as their MAIN #FOOD to support their incarnated #human forms, also have many Questions regarding the VEGETABLE KINGDOM, as in their MIND eating vegetables should be EQUALLY WRONG as the Plants being from the Creation, also have "VITAL #CONSCIOUS LIFE". These misguided people are unaware of these NATURAL FACTS, that All plants create GRAINS at the Very End of their life cycle like, the grains of wheat, corn etc formed this way. The FRUITS are thrown away from the trees as by-products having SEEDS for Regeneration. If people do not pluck them to EAT & other Vegetables of the Plant Kingdom are taken out from the earth, when they have fully grown & thus have completed their life cycle, so in fact THERE IS NO HARM DONE TO THEIR EVOLUTIONARY CYCLES BY CONSUMING THEM.
The illegal sacrifice of "innocent animals" in the name of most benevolent "Most High" were deceitfully added as "gruesome rituals" by the doomed, born to exist as a so called malicious but venerable priests of the ignorant evolving humans, who in the name of religion & spirituality deceitfully added such false practices in the "religious texts" which were not at all "spiritual" but instead are totally "cruel" & "demonic".
User Image theglobalmovement Posted: Sep 24, 2017 5:41 PM (UTC)
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The ONLY WAY A PERSON can #spiritually realize "#GOD CONSCIOUSNESS" is to have a CLEAN #HEART totally free from "FALSE PRIDE" with the proper cleansing of the vital body, which can only be acquired by the "grace" through #spiritual #contemplations, which triggers the proper balancing of all NEGATIVE & POSITIVE MENTAL THOUGHTS. Existing as "Spiritual Vibrations" they then radiate out as the "Balanced Energy Thought Forms" to influence the "vital #consciousness" of other evolving creatures.
In the #ancient times, this spiritual contemplation process was taught to all #HUMANS by the exalted conscious SEERS & SAGES across the world, as an important step for REALIZATION or BECOMING ONE with the VITAL MENTAL CONSCIOUSNESS, which Great avatar teacher #Gautama #Buddha called "#DIVINE #ENLIGHTENMENT" & the Great avatar teacher #Jesus called as the "DIVINE #LOVE", which technically like "#ELECTRICITY & #MAGNETISM" both are TWO DIFFERENTIATED #CONSCIOUS ASPECTS OF THE ONE & THE SAME "VITAL #FORCE", as without "#One" the other cannot exist.

The term #Yoga [Jogi/Yogi] from ancient Sanskrit means "to join with" or to become one with the creator consciousness which technically "does not need" various postures though relaxing to the mind. The process to be a true student is simple but its practice is difficult for all those whose DESIRE MIND'S are bound in the "MATERIAL WORLD GLAMOUR". The spiritual word "Yog" means to willfully withdraw ones outwardly involved desires senses to the inner frame of "EVOLVING SPIRITUAL MIND" in which one consciously contemplates upon ones own "HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS SELF" or #SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS commonly termed as the "#Spirit" whose very tiny "VITAL PORTION" known as the "Personality Mind" technically indwells 'temporarily bound' in a human form, to have the required "spiritual experiences" of the physical plane world. True "Yog" with ones "Higher Self" is only possible when ONE "CONSTANTLY REMEMBER" that the "DEATH OF PHYSICAL BODY IN THIS WORLD IS IMMINENT" as per the Universal Order, about which all Holy Messengers explained or wrote down in their Holy Words.
User Image theglobalmovement Posted: Sep 21, 2017 2:36 PM (UTC)
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The cosmic 4th ray is also known as the ray of "#Wisdom", which emanates from the middle star Megrez of the Ursa Major Constellation, which is the manifested consciousness which filters down through the corresponding middle star of Ursa Minor constellation also known as the little bear constellation to the 7 star system of Pleiades, known since ancient times as the seven mothers. Ursa Majors seven stars are nicknamed "Big Dipper" & Ursa Minor as "Little Dipper" used as navigational pointers to the current northern pole star, Polaris in Ursa Minor, which were one of the few star groups mentioned in the holy Bible (Job 9:9;38:32, #Orion & #Pleiades being the others). Ursa Major was also pictured as a bear by the #Jewish peoples, the ancient #Iroquois & #Lakota Native Americans & known in nearly all #ancient #culture theosophy because its emergence into the sky signals the time to start planting. [* note- The star Thuban (Draconis) was the north star around 2800 BC, during the time of ancient #Egyptians whose Great Pyramid has energy light shafts which align to Orion & Sirius on on side & Ursa Minor & Thuban on the other. The Great Pyramids, a fact not so well known has eight sides unlike the four sides of every other pyramid in Egypt, which reflect the effects of the Great Precession.
This fourth ray is also called the #heart center ray, or the harmonizing ray (balancer) which work under the governance of the hidden aspect known as dark fire, which makes sure that during the synthetic process of balancing known as the #equilibrium or the process of #harmony, the #universal law of "Will to do Good" has been properly upheld.
This equilibrium process is the basis of so called secret of #magnetism throughout the whole #Universe, which is commonly termed as the magnetic #attraction & #repulsion, which is used in the formation process in our solar system, which is the path taken by those who want to #evolve.
User Image theglobalmovement Posted: Sep 21, 2017 1:54 PM (UTC)
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During the first #Cosmic #Cycle which was established in a very #ancient remote time period, which is hard to explain in human time frame terms for understanding purposes; the energies utilizing the first artery, which came in existence simultaneously due to the unhindered counter clock spiral energy flow of the first Supreme electric "Will" [cosmic fire] further required polarity integration also in a triad relationship as the two solar constellation systems being negative & positive & one solar constellation system being the apex acting as the harmonizer. This cycle created the flow of the first Supreme "#Electric #Will" of the supreme logos, providing the vitality required for the animation of #consciousness in these three super cosmic energy centers [cosmic fire]. Later on during the second Cosmic Cycle, which started at the end of the first #Cosmic cycle after a brief period of so called rest, the energies of the second Supreme Electric "Will" start moving spirally in counter clockwise direction in an unhindered fashion of energy flow, simultaneously creating the second cosmic line of least resistance required for the #animation of #consciousness.

Then at the end the third Cosmic Cycle again follows the same synthesizing cycle as the previous two. This established cosmic #pattern is then followed as a reflected #conscious pattern in a #micro way upon each one of the seven Solar constellation centers.

In our own Solar system existing in the Cosmic Physical Plane, which more or less existed in the nebulae evolutionary conditions causing the #formation of #seven solar planes, of which the 3 planes [3 creator logos] were having the line of least resistance through an energy triad relationship, through governance of dark fire, which are the solar planes of #Spiritual, #Mental, & vital / physical planes. The 2nd electric "Will" energy flow depicting the #love & #wisdom aspect are known as Archetype, Intuitional or Wisdom, & Astral.
User Image theglobalmovement Posted: Sep 21, 2017 1:34 PM (UTC)
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Dear friends, in this new series, I will periodically share certain information's to #meditate upon, which "I may or may not" have shared earlier through my previous posted articles. As I will highlight certain important points related to the cosmic evolutionary plans & purpose being manifested in #time & #space according to the one & only #universal law of "Will to do Good", which is governed by dark fire & controlled by the #Outfinite through quantum energy impulses in the whole #Infinite #Universe. Infinite means In the Finite.
The cosmic physical plane is the densest plane in the body of the evolving cosmic entity known as Cosmic Fire, whose manifested sphere of influence is the whole constellation of Aries in which our own solar system also exists, along with the group of seven solar entities whose manifested bodies are the solar constellations or the solar systems which are the 7 manifested energy distribution centers in the manifested body of the cosmic entity of Aries who are evolving in the seven cosmic planes & our solar system is one of the smallest in size as other systems are much more vast in their ethereal & physical manifestations.

There are three major arteries, known as the cosmic channels of energies through which the cosmic energies move through these 7 cosmic energy centers. Each one of these three energy channels existing in a triad relationship, cyclically become the main or primary channel for the passage of the cosmic energies. Three out of these seven cosmic energy distribution centers [Solar constellation centers] gets easily connected, which are thus known as the cosmic lines of least resistance, which follow a set of mathematical geometrical relationship between them.
User Image theglobalmovement Posted: Sep 19, 2017 11:46 PM (UTC)
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After the physical death, the personality consciousness, separated from the "Physical Body" & existing in that confused state of mind, having no dense physical form, then due to "Utter Ignorance" about the established evolutionary order & still being mentally polarized in the illusory glamour of material world, even though their vital connection to their physical body has been already severed, which has thus died, thus start aimlessly hovering around their places of interest [home, work, relatives, friends etc. & earlier owned possessions, or where the dead body is buried or burned] get consciously stuck in the dense physical world, by still existing in their vital bodies, foolishly trying to stay close to the dense material world's 3 densest sub levels, which are "Air, Water, & Dense Earth". Then few days later, following the death of their physical body, the second death usually occurs to the vital body [Body Double] of personality minds consciousness, as vital consciousness of personality is still embodied in the vital energy sheath of body double, which is known as the death of the ethereal vital body. Vitally existing in their "Desire Mind misty liquid magnetic forms", which has been known to exalted conscious "SEERS & SAGES" since ancient times as the "ASTRAL BODY" & literally swim through the "LIQUID MAGNETIC FREQUENCY VIBRATIONS" of the next higher dimensional plane world known as the astral plane. In the case of "NON SPIRITUAL HUMAN BEINGS", who did not take much interest in 'spirituality' during their incarnated human lives, a certain small portion of their personality mind vital consciousness, due to their intense longing and unfulfilled desires for material worlds illusory glamour and attachments, gets stuck in their decaying vital bodies after the death of their physical bodies.
User Image theglobalmovement Posted: Sep 19, 2017 11:43 PM (UTC)
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The masses of evolving humanity while living upon this physical plane world passing their daily lives are mostly unconscious about the "Established Evolutionary Order", which is prevalent since creation began upon the densest physical plane world of this planet earth. Most Human Beings, having their grown up human forms & physical world's "Higher Educational Degrees", still live in their "DESIRE MINDS" like "LITTLE CHILDREN", and stay engrossed in "ILLUSORY WORLD'S PLAYFUL ACTIVITIES", during their entire incarnated lives without ever questioning the basis of their vital conscious existence & thus living in "Spiritual Ignorance", then finally meet their incarnated life's end.
The Fools do not know the truth and being self willed humans under the grip of their worldly desire minds, thus waste away their important incarnated birth, as a total loss to their evolving souls, without ever figuring & finding out 'why' did they ever came in this physical plane world.

Most human beings, who being ignorant about the established evolutionary order, during their short lived incarnated lives, or usually been totally devoted to "MATERIAL WORLD ACTIVITIES" & thus being devoid of 'Higher Knowledge', known as the spiritual wisdom of the established evolutionary order, thus have "NO CLUE OR UNDERSTANDING" of the 'Higher Frequency or Lower Frequency' dimensional worlds, and at the end of their physical life they get utterly confused & fearful when their animating "SILVER CORD" gets severed from the incarnated physical form, causing their incarnated body to instantly collapse & become "LIFELESS", which is known as the physical "DEATH".
User Image theglobalmovement Posted: Sep 19, 2017 10:50 PM (UTC)
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As per the Universal Order, which governs the entire "Infinite Universe", the enlightening higher frequencies of spiritual truth always 'neutralize' & 'eliminates' the dark frequencies of illusory "material glamour" & delusionary aspects of the dense matrix, which in the material conscious intellect of the physical worlds IGNORANT evolving people, create various types of mental thought forms related to "Illusions & Delusions", involving intense attraction to material aspects, thus confusing their evolving personality minds and desire minds. This makes them "EASILY FORGET" that all material energy aspects of wealth, family, & friend relationships, including their beloved physical bodies, at the end of their cyclic life are left behind in this dense physical world of utter illusion when their vital conscious electromagnetic force, which creates the "LIGHT ENERGY OF MIND", providing "Thinking Abilities" & their respective "Abilities of Senses" finally departs from their incarnated physical bodies of this dense world, which happens after the total severing of the animating "VITAL FORCE CONNECTION" to their physical bodies, which has been known to the "SEERS & SAGES" since very ancient times as the invisible vital energy "Silver Cord". During the incarnated human life, this utter confusion of illusion and delusion in vital consciousness of human personality mind, manifested Male / Female duality or the polarity aspects of positive electric & negative magnetism, as known in scientific terms, takes place due to this "Basic Fact" that most people who being educated from the "Top Universities" are usually TOTALLY UNAWARE of the "Spiritual Sciences", which can properly explain them the established evolutionary plan & purpose.
Even after the willful hijacking of the evolutionary order, these most corrupt ones existing as the 'illegal controllers of this planet earth', are still deceitfully controlling everyone, keeping them in undue "PAIN & SUFFERINGS" due to their FEAR of being finally exposed to the evolving humanity of this world who ignorantly worship them without ever thinking. Never forget that all personality forms of this world are the creations of the same one.
User Image theglobalmovement Posted: Sep 5, 2017 11:06 PM (UTC)
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Lost Souls they are, which become selfish & thus devoid of love, which permanently burns away their physical incarnating atoms.

The secret of prayer:
Both the positive & negative types of prayers exist in every manifested dimensional world of the universe. [1] negative prayers - the negative ones are known as bad eyes, which are composed of harmful thoughts related to envy, jealousy or revenge type of feelings whose inherent power lies in the one minded concentrated negativeness which also have a life span, which is according to provided mission to be accomplished & they dissipate after their willed effect gets manifested. [2] positive prayers - these are generated as thought forms originated from the concentrated kind feelings of the heart to help someone which may be far or near & they also work at the speed of light [186 miles per second] & they also dissipate after the mission gets accomplished.
Then there are also [3] neutral thought form prayers - these types are mostly generated through collective consciousness in temples churches mosques gurudwaras etc., which are intended to help any one who so ever is in need & thus vitally existing in the parameters of the manifested dimensional world. These also destroy the evil forces which wrongfully cause damage to the ongoing spiritual evolution in any dimensional world of a planet or a solar universe.

But the secret of prayers is that all type of prayers composed of ''envisioned thought forms'' work according to .....How much emotional energy has been provided to them by an individual or a group to accomplish the mission.

If the harmful prayers composed of ''thought form energies'' are foolishly sent to harm a ''great enlightened vital existence'' they misfire & come back to haunt that ''being or entity'' who willfully generated them with a wrongful deceitful agenda.... Most humans & their counterpart invisible angelic existences are unaware of many secrets which they have willfully ignored over the passing of time due to the accumulated '''garbage of false pride'''. Most humans get carried away by looking at the incarnated objective forms, but ""seers"" see everything as the manifested "divine play".
User Image theglobalmovement Posted: Jun 20, 2017 2:26 PM (UTC)
20 Mayfair
Money is the basic reason of the fall down of both ''Rich & Poor'', which was established just as a tool of lively hood for all evolving #human beings in this physical world of planet #earth.

The rich become uneasy just with a ''THOUGHT'' of ''loosing it'', and by thinking like that an reaction of ''unquenchable greed'' sets in the vital consciousness. ..And poor runs after it all her / his life. Just to survive fulfilling the basic needs of human life in this world!

But due to #unchecked #greed upon this planet, over the culmination of ''many ages'', it thus became a so powerful a tool to control evolving #humanity, that even the so called caretaker ''invisible ones'' got caught in it after their huge network of '''corruption''' became unchallenged anyone.

Especially when they ''willfully refused''' to ''return and surrender'' the stolen money, even when the celestial command had been repeatedly and continuously ''demanding'' from them for the last 13 1/2 years.

Which was illegally stolen in the name of ''#dharma'' in the first place. What a pitiful situation for those, who now consider themselves as the ''rulers'' upon this planet earth in these trying times with no ''clear solution''.
User Image theglobalmovement Posted: Jun 12, 2017 10:57 PM (UTC)
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The true value of being honest: 'Honesty' is the most valuable aspect of evolutionary life for all humanity, who is gradually evolving upon this planet that their their souls can attain the required liberation from the three dense dimensional worlds [Mental, Astral Emotional [also known as the #dream world], & the Dense Physical body which everyone is usually focused on most], and thus proceed higher in the ''dimensional world of radiant #wisdom" just like all students go to the higher class after passing their exams.

Although to be ''#honest'' is the first & foremost criteria of #human established since bygone ages.......upon this planet earth,.........but in current time of physical world Science's and Technology ..for most humans it has of 'NO VALUE'' ......where money having ''Physical Values'' now-a-days controls everyone's both ''#MIND and #SOUL''. So the rate of failures occurring now-a-days is unprecedented in the #history of the universe.

And when there is No Solution to such an on-going problem.................then the on-going experiment gets finally ''''''''''''''REJECTED & DISCARDED''''''''''''''...................That is what is now the ''True Reality'', beyond the manifested matrix.
User Image theglobalmovement Posted: Jun 5, 2017 10:58 PM (UTC)
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Just like a tree will produce first the #flowers and then the #fruits with #seeds, those seeds will continue to reproduce the same tree again, and this process will continue forever which is known as “#Infinity” thus taking place within the spherical parameters of all formations. This process in the ancient times was #codified by the controllers of the planetary hierarchy as the four or quadrant life codifications known as the sacred #geometry. [The word geometry is an “Atlantian” word passed on to the next “Civilization” in ancient times as a “#Sanskrit word “Jyotir may”, the word “Jyoti” means #light and “may” means #full , so the word “Jyotirmay’ means full of light, describing the movement of light in all vibration frequencies in the 360 degrees spherical parameters, thus making a complete full circle, which manifest as the various dimensional planes and sub planes existing in the spherical parameters of infinite universe]. This word “Jyotirmay” was thus passed on to the next by the planetary hierarchy of the planet earth in the ancient times, #codified as the seed of life, flower of life, fruit of life and the tree of life symbolic representations, but over the time the change of #energy levels caused through the attraction and repulsion of cosmic forces which exist in the infinite or within the spherical parameters, interacting under the governance of the “Outfine Zones”[without the parameters as such, as we know of them existing in the “Infinite”], who through their quantum energy impulses make the internal fire to continuously govern all the involution and evolution cycles in the “Infinite” through the movement of #spiral #cyclic #rotational energies (known as the Universal #Trinity forces), to attain a #harmony or #balance in a particular level defined as polarity integration, which cause the consciousness expansion of spherical infinite universe thus continuously expanding further its parameters in #time and #space.

For such consciousness expansion in the spherical parameters, the second cosmic electric “Will’ aspect known as the WILL FORCE.
User Image theglobalmovement Posted: Jun 5, 2017 10:49 PM (UTC)
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The word “Outfinite” means or defines the area level which exists without any parameters,
and which exist beyond the boundaries of “Infinite’, as the parameters only exist in the “#infinite”, which is our conceived #Universe manifested as a huge spherical universe,
with its own radius of influence.

The word “Infinite” with which we all are familiar with, clearly explains that it means as being “In the finite”, thus defining very clearly, that it literally means, “what exists in the finite parameters can go on reproducing itself, with only certain differentiations in original formations thus existing both the Invisible and Visible levels in the boundaries of the manifested sphere.

All Involution [the electromagnetic consciousness taking a form is called involution], and #evolution [the electromagnetic consciousness escaping from the bondage of the form is called the evolution], which takes place in the “Infinite” [with parameters], and these both processes happens in certain mathematical and geometrical conscious energy relationships, which are required for the consciousness expansion attained due to the polarity integration, which is imbedded in the electromagnetic consciousness itself of all the entities and beings, who are existing in the micro to macro levels of the spherical parameters.
User Image theglobalmovement Posted: Jun 5, 2017 3:50 PM (UTC)
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Unknown to most human beings, all ensuing thoughts are formulated by the utilization of ''fire'', the ''internal fire'', which itself is composed of innumerable tiny elemental lives existing in their ''conscious, semi - conscious and unconscious states of vitality in the evolving universe, who are duly utilized for giving an 'electric gaseous form' to the ''ensuing thought'' by the thought formulating 'fiery angelic essences', known to the ancient seers and sages as the ''fiery radiant white ones of light'', who technically are the ''#light'' themselves, as considered by the evolving humanity in this world.

All formulated thoughts in this #infinite #universe in fact are ''Living Entities'' with an intended goal and a short or long 'Life Span of Their Own' to complete their underlined intended mission, which acts as the underlined basic pattern for the evolving 'personality consciousness' duly embodied in a incarnated #human form.

Each human being during their short lived life span acting as a ''co -creator'' in their own accord builds their own tiny world of creations, which include a daily life style & a network of family, friends & short & long time acquaintances, of which those who are in agreement with his 'thought patterns' are considered as his 'friends' & the 'well wishers', & those having contradictions are considered as his 'enemies' & 'foes'. As in all the #thought formations and their ensuing proposed effect in this material world of planet earth, both the inner latent and the radiatory heat aspects of the fiery "internal fire'' are properly utilized, which has been understood by the exalted #conscious ones as the polarity aspects having both the ''Attraction & Repulsion Attributes'' which are commonly termed as ''MAGNETIC FORCES'', thus it is important to learn the #ancient #spiritual #art of the ancient SEERS & SAGES, as to how one can observe the ''thoughts'' whether they are their own or someones else's observing them as as an independent ''Observer''. All those who may acquire those qualities through such 'spiritual practices' are known as the ''Seer or an Observer''. ''like builds and Like attracts''.
User Image theglobalmovement Posted: Jun 2, 2017 7:03 PM (UTC)
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How do only ''''''''A Handful of Leaders''''''''' control ''A Huge Amount of Masses'' in this physical world of planet earth?

The answer to this very important question is through their ''Great Acting'' of various promises, which create thought formations of similar ''Sentiments, Feelings, and Emotions'' regarding all the Material World Desires, which mostly also ''Never Get Fulfilled'' during their allotted cyclic time frames.

This great '''Play of Acting''' is relayed through the various ''Concepts of Media'' in the enormous amount of #human masses.

And this is a undeniable #fact, that any type of #media actually controls the ''Sentimental Aspect of All Evolving Human Races'' ....As sentiments, feelings, and emotions define everyday life aspects of humanity upon this planet earth.

And before ''media'' became an #international connected forum in our own life time to show various types of ''acting'', .............Various satellites were placed through various agreements between controlling powers in the ethereal zones of sky to make this all work so they can successfully carry on their hidden agendas to easily define their ''One World Order''.
User Image theglobalmovement Posted: May 21, 2017 8:32 PM (UTC)
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The word ''relationship'' technically defines the ''polarity aspect'' of all subjectively & objectively manifested ''visible & invisible'' objects evolving in their own life cycles while existing in the parametric ethereal space of the infinite universe.

#Relationships exist in all types of micro & macro levels of the unfathomably huge #infinite universe, in which their manifested ''center'' exists as ''the vital source of this bonding relationships', around which '''All such relations''' vitally #evolve during their own cyclic existence totally depending upon this central source of the ''vital force''. For #human understanding, a good example of the macro level in the universe will be a '''solar sun & its various planets''' which objectively form the frame work of a ''solar universe relationship'' , & for a micro level relationship example will be ''a proton'' around which electrons constantly move around in an manifested atom during its own vital life duration.

As far as the incarnated human beings of this planet earth are concerned, there is a vital #force relationship which exist between their vital body [chi] and the physical body. Similarly the incarnated body organs of their physical form, which are ''fully related to each other'' only properly function, as long as their is ''#healthy relationship'' between them.

In the infinite #universe, all relationships can only exist, as long as there is a ''''''''''''''''fully balanced GIVE and TAKE relationship''''''''''''''''''''' between them sided relationships cannot last for ''too long'' as they do not meet the criteria of a ''relationship''. Even though the ''sun'' gives its vital force to all the planets, the manifested planets after receiving it through absorption vitally ''tint'' those vital frequencies with their own inherent qualities, and emit their vital frequencies back in the solar universe space through their own three vital force channels, in form of electric or magnetic impulses, which also effecting the solar sun makes the sun to keep on giving, till the manifested life cycle of the ''solar universe'' vitally ends.
User Image theglobalmovement Posted: May 17, 2017 8:15 PM (UTC)
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The advancement of "Material Involution" which being based upon "current physical sciences & technology" is falsely labelled as the "#Evolution" which has nothing to do with "#spirituality" as humans sacred #heart, due to "unquenchable #greed & #FalsePride" related to 'NAME & FAME & accumulated material wealth' has become "More Cruel" toward one another, & toward the lower conscious evolving kingdoms. This material mind INVOLUTION is thus being deceitfully & wrongfully promoted through the "NEGATIVE FORCE" upon this dense physical plane which because of deceitful #PROPAGANDA, so many members of the incarnated humanity have practically become "IGNORANT ABOUT SPIRITUALITY". Unfortunately the most dangerous vice of "undue corruption" took roots over the passing of descending ages, gradually became more & more "material minded" & is now openly prevalent in all evolving #human societies of this planet #earth with absolutely "no spiritual #future" due to the "ILLEGAL" introduction of wrongful material involution (unquenchable desires for material gains) rather than to gain "spiritual experiences" which are direly required by the "experiencing soul" to attain evolution (#enlightenment). Most "Souled beings & Soulless entities" innocently followed the corrupt ways which got illegally established by their deceitful ruling masters & being totally ignorant about the Evolutionary plan & purpose of spiritual conscious expansion; thus went on with the corrupt ways as "proper ways", creating through their corrupted desire minds, dense negative thought form energies in their limited capacity roles performing action/reactions as co-creators & "IGNORANTLY" with their foolish minds went in adding to the expanding murky negative thought forms, having unrighteousness agendas related to various illegal & wrong vices (unquenchable greed, false pride, lust, anger, attachments etc.) Due to mental actions totally drenched in "CORRUPT INTENSIONS & ACTIVITIES" they created over a long period of time, such a negative force which ultimately destroyed their very existences. Remove unlawful & corrupt activities wrongly manifested in the name of #righteousness.
User Image theglobalmovement Posted: May 17, 2017 4:55 PM (UTC)
6 Clarendon
Our planet #earth, "vital consciousness" of blue color frequency vibrations have mathematical number 10, (#dodecahedron) and although much smaller in size than many of the Large Planets, being also & vital energy distribution organ in the vastly huge body of the manifested "SOLAR UNIVERSE"; our planet #Earth, also vitally effect the "#collective consciousness" of all other planets of our solar universe, including the Sun & Moon, through it's invisible "Magnetic" Tinting Qualities.
The 7 LIVE TONAL VIBRATIONS representing the "DESIRE MIND Conscious reflections of the "UNKNOWABLE", vitally exists upon this planet earth to perform INTELLECTUAL ACTIVITIES related to "#Spiritual #Conscious #Expansion", & thus are the 'basic mode' of all intellectual activities, embodied by the group of 7 TONAL KEY NOTE "LIVE VITAL EXISTENCES" which the #ancient "SEERS & SAGES" have named as the 7 hierarchical groups of angelic beings who embody in their vital consciousness, tonal frequency vibrations which appear to #Human beings as "7 COLORS & 7 SOUND NOTES". Each in 3 states of consciousness (unconscious, semi-conscious, & conscious) embody those tonal frequency vibrations which create a specific shape & vital life "#THOUGHT FORM" having certain "Life Duration" to perform their desires roles & manifest "desired results" in the dense physical world. These tonal vibrations when properly played upon through immersed desire mind with full devotion to the TRUE ONENESS then vitally creates the required spiritual mood in the ethereal atmosphere composed of visible & invisible energy realities which effect the vital consciousness of "ALL LIVE EXISTENCES" who exist.

The SPIRITUAL LEARNERS ALWAYS "feeling" their divine intoxicating vibrations should never indulge in wrong habits of any other type of intoxicants, or eating dead flesh of animals, birds, fishes. There are "COUNTLESS NUMBER" of those who having "craving & desires for filthy foods" EAT & CONSUME "DEAD FLESH". Most humans tend to willfully forget this "BASIC FACT" that human beings were not created to "eat any meat". In the name of scientific civilization in the past 100 years humans adopted more demonic habits of eating meat.
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The Holy word "ON" of "#Onkaar" defining the cosmic frequency vibrations of "HOLY LIGHT" was also known to the #ancient #Egyptians much more than 5,000 years ago. They named their main "#Spiritual Center", to be known as the 'Holy City of Spiritual Light' or in ancient Egyptian language as "ON", whom meaning the "Place or City [POLIS] of SOLAR LIGHT"[HELIO], which equated with the #SolarSun, which is the objective & subjective "VITAL HEART & MIND CENTER" of our Solar Universe. The ancient #Hebrews called this place as "BETH SHEMESH" meaning the City of Sun. It is this city where the #Wisdom of "Cyclic #Reincarnation" was openly displayed every year in a sacred festival, which was depicted through the story of celestial #PHOENIX BIRD, which died in the burning fire, and then from the ashes of "Burning Fire" then rejuvenated and flew away to live for another year of "cyclic life", thus depicting the "ESTABLISHED EVOLUTIONARY ORDER of "Birth & Death", which prevails in the #INFINITE #UNIVERSE.

When the pharaoh #Akhenaten of the land of #Mizraim [Egypt] tried to abolish the worship of so-called false demonic gods & goddesses from his land but the dark corrupted priesthood conspired against him along with his wife Nefertiti. The high priests of Mizraim thus destroyed him, general Horemheb took power after removing the young son of Akhenaten the boy king Tutankhaten (his name changed to Tutankhamen) & his new city of "Amarna" meaning the city of IMMORTAL LIGHT was demolished & nearly totally forgotten if it was not for King Tut's tomb discovery in 1922. The original god #Thoth after the 'great Egyptian conspiracy', was illegally replaced by removing the Ibis bird head THOTH with the depiction of a BABOON. Thoth the god of wisdom & Scribe was founder of all Magic in the ancient land of Mizraim [Egypt] whom the priests attributed 42 written books, of which 36 of them are related to hidden secrets of the infinite universe. The other 6 books are related to the well being of the physical body of a human being, with prescribed magical arts of healing dedicated to the medical sciences of anatomy, disease, remedies, women diseases, injuries & surgeries, & human eye diseases.