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At the Rollercade...this brings back some memories!!!

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So proud of my son for being a nominee for JBA!
New granite counter tops! The kitchen is almost done!!
This is my 11th grade daughters metal lunch box 😜 love this kid :) #11thgrade #beyourselfalways
Peach cobbler...wishing I had no mouth!! 😶 The husband is trying to fatten me up 😳#sooooogoood
Andrew fell asleep watching tv. He woke up a few mins ago, walks in the kitchen and says,"I thought we have school today." Hahaha! I was like you did have school today. It's still Thursday! #sleepy #notamorningperson #adjustingtohighschool
Emily's first day of junior year. Have a blessed year sweetheart!!❤️❤️❤️ #junior2017 #classof2019
Andrew worked really hard at gymnastics practice today!! #rings #bloodblister
My new favorite winery!! Cedar Lake Cellars.
Enjoying Picasso's after her 16 year old physical today. Had to have a shot :(. She panics with needles 😳. She grew a whole 1/4 of an inch this year...which brings her to 5' 3/4" 😍😊