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Meine Einkäufe vom Freitag im SEPHORA in Maastricht😍....DER Nail Polish Remover von SEPHORA,Waterproof eye makeup Remover von SEPHORA,Nachschub meiner geliebten URBAN DECAY EYESHADOW PRIMER POTION👍,meine 2 liebsten braunen Kajals von URBAN DECAY und MAKE UP FOR EVER AQUA EYES,Concealer von BOURJOIS Healthy Mix,von Dior die DIORSHOW WATERPROOF MASCARA,und.....DIOR ADDICT EXTREME Lipcolor in der Farbe "Lucky"😍😍💗💓🙆dabei bin ich eigentlich gar kein großer Fan von Lippenstiften😌aber der mußte dann jetzt doch mit☺😍
  • lokoum 5y ago

    Der Nagellackentferner interessiert mich auch sehr!!! Toller haul!!!

  • Danke😘....der ist sooo klasse🙆wollte es erst auch nicht so recht Glauben...aber wirklich,du tauchst deinen Finger rein☺machst ein paar drehende Bewegungen am Schwamm im Innern entlang...fertig ist die Maus😉😄☺....nächstes mal nehme ich mir direkt 2/3 Flaschen mit💓...und ich habe mit jetzt auch den"Lucky"gekauft💗passend zum Nagellack😍 @lokoum

  • lokoum 5y ago

    Ohhh man, muss den testen! UNBEDINGT!!!!!Jaaaa Lucky ist super!Zeig ihn uns mal, wenn dU ihn trägst!

  • @lokoum mache ich😘

  • Der Lucky ist ein absoluter Liebling!Gute Wahl!!

  • @sarahliipotpourri finde ich auch☺👍

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Little Saturday evening pamper session❤️🤗Before my nightshift starts🙄
Cleanse: @leahlaniskincare KALIMA coconut cream cleansing powder👌🏼let it sit for two min and wash off with hands.
Mask: THE BEAN antioxidant mask❤️👌🏼Leave it for 20 min and wash it of with a soft,warm flannel. Face mist: @amlybotanicals Radiance Boost❤️On moist skin I apply my serum: @namariskin ELIXIER restorative serum, 2 drops are perfect for me.
5 min later I follow with my moisturizer: @skinowl BEAUTY DROPS PM Maqui Berry❤️
The skin is nourished and refined. Before I go to work I apply a little BB cream,mascara and a hint of blush.
That’s enough for the nightshift but I’m feeling better than without anything💁🏻🙅🏻😂✌🏼
What was your routine/pamper session for today?
#skincare #skincareroutine #skincareaddict
In the back you can see a picture of our wedding at the Maldives❤️12.12.12😱 Nearly 5 years ago! It’s incredible how fast time has flown.
User Image mickeymaus214 Posted: Nov 16, 2017 12:10 PM (UTC)
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My favorite pm routine of the last 5 nights👌🏼❤️ After cleansing my skin I use 2 drops of the amazing serum from @namariskin „Elixier“ and press it into moist skin. I find with less product (like two drops) of the serum it immediately absorbs into my combination skin👌🏼Skin looks nourished,glowy without feeling oily. It helps to repair the skin and I loooove the scent of this product❤️After maybe an half hour I reach for my new face oil which I bought from @alkimiskin „Cinco“ . I’m testing this for maybe two weeks and I can say my skin likes it a lot. The only thing is that you don’t have to press the pump completely. An half pump(be careful) is for my skin the perfect amount 👌🏼I massage it again on moist skin. It takes maybe 10-15 min than it absorbs completely. The complete review of this product will follow soon ✌🏼
Before I go to bed I put a little amount of the @lessisbeauty „cream II“ and press it into my cheeks and my neck. The cream comes with this month @beautyheroes box and I must say...I really like it more and more. Normally I’m not an Cream user.I go more for serums and face oils.
But this cream is really nice👍🏼 All products are bought by myself and my thoughts about them are honest. EDIT: The Namariskin Serum I had won in a giveaway✌🏼🙄🙈I forgot it. But I would buy it on my own.
I will write reviews of all of them soon. If you have questions feel free to ask.
User Image mickeymaus214 Posted: Nov 9, 2017 7:46 PM (UTC)
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🌟Don’t only dream your dreams - let them come true🌟 Easier said than done.... But something I’m working on✌🏼
My current most beloved face cleansers ❤️They're all different in texture, ingredients and scents.
🌟 @munskincare "Purifying Cleanser" is a hybrid between a thicker milk and an oil❤️👌🏼It has a white color and turns into an oil with the warmth of your hands and by massaging in the skin. The formula is ph-balanced and some of the great ingredients are: Castor seed oil, Camelia seed oil, Rice bran oil and vitamin E. It’s amazing for taking make-up and SPF down✌🏼also waterproof mascara.
The texture is great for massaging the skin while cleansing at the same time. I’m taking it off with a fresh, warm flannel and my skin is clean and feels nourished and super soft.
🌟 @h_is_for_love „Rapha harmonizing oil cleanser“ I got this in the last Boxwalla beauty box. I fell in love so fast with this oil based cleanser that only 1/3 is left in the bottle🙈❤️👌🏼Again, great ingredients and the scent is so calming and also amazing for taking make-up off. Some of the ingredients are: German Chamomile and Tumeric( great for inflammations). I apply a few drops of it in my hands and then massage on dry skin to dissolve all the grime, spf and make-up👌🏼Whilst this you get an intoxicating scent and a great slip for the massage👌🏼After a few minutes I take all off with a fresh, warm flannel.My skin feels happy (skincare junkies know what I mean😉),less redness, even skintone and soft skin❤️It seems that my imperfections are calmed after this oil✌🏼
🌟 @leahlaniskincare „Kalima coconut cream cleanser“ comes in a powder form. You have to mix maybe one teaspoon of it in your palm with a few drops of water(slowly drop by drop).It will start to transform into the softest foam with an addicting scent of coconut and tropical fruits❤️I love to use this cleanser in the morning. It’s refreshing and evens the skintone (helps fading old blemishes and spots) while leaving the skin super soft. You can also use this cleanser as a mask. The longer you leave the creamy consistency on your skin, you'll get an nice glow afterwards. Some of the ingredients are: organic coconut milk, wildcrafted banana, organic hibiscus flower, organic brown rice powder and Camu Camu.
More in the comments below 👇🏼
User Image mickeymaus214 Posted: Oct 31, 2017 7:18 PM (UTC)
21 Sierra
Happy Halloween 2017🎃💁🏻❤️So we worked on this today and yesterday. My man is a perfectionist and for sure you can recognize his pumpkins 🎃 😉❤️ It is our tradition and every time we have a lot of fun 😜
Maybe you can see our passion for a special film 🤘🏼
#halloween2017 #guardiansofthegalaxy #batman #it
User Image mickeymaus214 Posted: Oct 30, 2017 2:20 PM (UTC)
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From 2012 to 2016 Halloween pumpkin carving 🔪🎃🔪tradition at House W.❤️
9 years ago we kissed first on Halloween evening❤️ Swipe to see more pics💁🏻😉
So let the „games“ begin 🤗
User Image mickeymaus214 Posted: Oct 25, 2017 4:07 PM (UTC)
14 Amaro
Gestern kamen meine Produkte aus dem Gewinnspiel an,das die liebe Jana @smallbitsofloveliness zusammen mit der Gründerin Ava von @earthwisebeauty zusammen gestellt hat. Ich freue mich wahnsinnig endlich etwas von dieser Marke testen zu können. Zum einen da es tolle Naturkosmetik und natürlich Tierversuchsfrei ist und zum anderen da es hier nicht ganz so leicht zu bekommen ist.
Gewonnen habe ich zwei Seren,eines in öliger Konsistenz und das andere ein Hybrid zwischen Milch und Gel. Und das Dritte Produkt ist eine Maske zum selber anrühren (genau mein Ding😉❤️👌🏼wer mich genau kennt). Dazu gab es noch zwei schöne Proben aus dem Repertoire von EWB❤️Ich freue mich aufs testen und werde berichten 😘👌🏼Danke Jana und Ava🤗
Yesterday I received my package with the products I won in the giveaway from the lovely Jana @smallbitsofloveliness and Ava the founder from @earthwisebeauty❤️ I’m so happy that I now have the chance to try products from EWB because they are great natural cosmetic products with amazing ingredients and of course CF🐰❤️👌🏼
I got two serums. One with an oily consistency „Ferns and Moss“🌿 the other one with an milky/gel lotion consistency „Nap in the Meadow“ 🌱🌱
The third item is a mask (hello mask junkie💁🏻😎) „Sungod“ which comes as a powder to mix and activate with water/serum/honey👌🏼Everybody knows I love to play with masks so this is perfect for me👌🏼😂! Along with these goodies came two samples of two other products of Ava🤗❤️Thank you so much Ava and Jana😘I will tell here my first impressions after a few uses and I’m pretty sure I will love it because of the ingredients 😂✌🏼❤️
User Image mickeymaus214 Posted: Oct 22, 2017 2:41 PM (UTC)
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Gemütlicher Sonntag auf der Couch mit Netflix und Amazon,unseren Fellnasen,meinem Mann und dazu leckeren Marokkanischen Kichererbsen-Eintopf aus der @kitchenstories_official App 😋❤️👌🏼 Cozy Sunday at the couch with Netflix,Amazon Prime,the 🐈 and my hubby❤️And we cooked a wonderful Moroccan chickpeas stew 🤗❤️👌🏼Enjoy your Sunday😘
Swipe to see more pics👉🏼
My current most beloved skincare/minimal make-up daytime routine (without masking😉✌🏼)
These products I have been using consistently for over 3 weeks and I'm really enjoying them! Both routines are quick and easy👌🏼The only thing not shown in the pic is the mascara. Here we go:
In the morning I want a quick and effective
CLEANSE: @yuliskincare "Halcyon Facial Cleanser“ has a very liquid consistency. 2 pumps on my wet hands massaged on moist skin and wash away with water. Skin feels clean but not dry.
My skin has a smooth texture and is ready for the next step💁🏻Save the skin from sun damage with Vit C (daily!!) with @labellafigurabeauty „Modern Radiance Concentrate Vitamin C Gel-Cream“.
It has a great consistency and absorbs fast. It helps fighting free radicals and save the skin from sun damage.Skin feels soft,nourished and perfect prepared for the next step.
After a few minutes I mist my face with 2 pumps of @joshrosebrook "Hydrating Accelerator Face Mist“ than I apply one pump in the palms of my hands mixed with 1 pump of @leahlaniskincare „Aloha Ambrosia Morning Moisture Elixir“ and massage it on my face👌🏼This oil works great as a primer under SPF and make-up✌🏼It also absorbs quickly. Two minutes later I mist once again with Josh‘s face mist and immediately patting my Sunscreen/SPF @Joshrosebrook „Nutrient Day Cream SPF30“ into my skin.
After maybe 20 min (give your sunscreen time to absorb in the skin) I’m starting with my minimal make-up🤗
For an even toned skin I’m using @Inikaorganic „BB Cream Foundation“ in BEIGE. This BB Cream is so far the best I’ve ever tried❤️My skin loves the ingredients, the texture and healthy glow it gives.I apply it with my fingers but you can also take your Beauty Blender for it. My skin feels soooo smooth🙌🏼I swear!
For my cheeks I’m using the @vincentlongocosmetics „Water Canvas Creme-To-Powder Blush“ in TERRA DEW❤️I love to apply it with a damp Beauty Blender. It stays put for more the 10 hours and gives a nice natural flushing color with a nice glow✨No Highlighter needed💁🏻
For my Eyebrows I’m taking the @100percentpuregermany „Green Tea Fiber Brow Builder“ in MEDIUM.More in the comments👇
User Image mickeymaus214 Posted: Oct 15, 2017 2:24 PM (UTC)
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Swipe to see more☺️✌🏼
Just chilling in the sun with my crazy cat Xandria🙈🙄😂Bountey (the other cat🐈) and my hubby❤️The simple little things makes more happy that anything you need to pay for✌🏼❤️✌🏼 #crazycat #crazycatlady #catsofinstagram #thelastsunnydays
User Image mickeymaus214 Posted: Oct 10, 2017 6:41 PM (UTC)
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Die Liebe Jana von @smallbitsofloveliness hat ein tolles Gewinnspiel am Start anlässlich ihres Geburtstag. Also drückt mir die Daumen🤗❤️😘Die Sachen von @earthwisebeauty wollte ich schon lange gerne testen.
Thank you Jana for this great giveaway 🤗❤️ #givingawayloveliness
#Repost @smallbitsofloveliness (@get_repost)
🌟G I V E A W A Y🌟 For my birthday I've teamed up with one of my favourite skincare brands @earthwisebeauty created by the beautiful forest fairy Ava. 🌿🌼 I've been a fan of her potions for a long time and my love just keeps on growing. With your help I decided on three products for this giveaway, all filled with stunning ingredients! One lucky winner will receive Sungod Face Mask, a beautiful mask that brightens the skin, and gradually yet significantly improves the skin over time. The winner will also get the famous Nap in the Meadow, a very hydrating and anti-inflammatory serum. It's a gorgeous products! Plus there is also the perfect autumn facial oil, the Ferns and Moss, a highly concentrated product with rejuvenativing properties.
To enter the giveaway please follow the rules:
🌸 Like this photo. 🌸 Follow me @smallbitsofloveliness and @earthwisebeauty. 🌸 Tag a friend (each tag counts as one entry). ✨Optional: sign up to @earthwisebeauty newsletter for 5 extra entries (please comment that you signed up). ✨Optional: repost this photo for 10 extra entries using #givingawayloveliness
This giveaway is international and is open till 11th October 12pm GMT+2 (central European time). Good luck to everyone!! And thank you for all your birthday wishes, you really made my day!💜❤️💕 Photo by @earthwisebeauty. #givingawayloveliness #earthwisebeauty
User Image mickeymaus214 Posted: Sep 30, 2017 2:01 PM (UTC)
14 Sierra
Take me back to a place with beautiful sundowns and warmth of the sun 🙌🏼🙄❤️One week at home and I would like to fly again in the sun❤️ This pic is from #mallorca
User Image mickeymaus214 Posted: Sep 26, 2017 7:12 PM (UTC)
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This month (September) @beautyheroes subscription box introduced the brand @skinowl. The hero product is the "new" "Beauty Drops pm Maqui Berry". After many years with the popular Mangosteen Beauty Drops,Annie Tevelin,the Founder of Skin Owl, saw herself forced to find an equal substitute for Mangosteen.It had become hard to source and compromised Annie's sustainability standards.
Last year she began to search. And she found the Maqui Berry in Chile🙌🏼❤️It has a high concentration of a type of polyphenol that delivers potent anti-inflammatory benefits. Maqui has proven to help calm acne flareups,rosacea and hyper-pigmentation. This evening oil/serum has only a few ingredients: Maqui Berry Oil,raw,cold pressed Baobab Oil and a proprietary blend of Tangerine and Vanilla Essential Oils.
I can definitely tell,this stuff works❤✌🏼❤️I took this to my holidays and loved it in the evening for the calming effect and fighting my PIH. And the scent 🙌🏼❤🙌🏼the scent is heavenly❤Sweet,but nothing like a candy. More like a yummy fruity which is not to heavy but noticeable when you apply it on your moist face. It absorbs very fast and skin looks plump and hydrated without being greasy in anyway.
The sidekick is the "Beauty Whip Maqui Berry" which she created at the same time with the new Beauty Drops. A mask which gives a high moisture to the skin and also can be used as a primer under make up.
I only used it till now as a mask. And you have to store this stuff in the fridge ✌🏼Then it becomes the perfect consistency 👌🏼It's very moisturizing, calming and skin drenching ❤I love to use it on my dehydrated neck, dekolleté, arms and hands( baby soft hands😱✌🏼)Also of course on my face (my dehydrated cheeks after sunbathing the last 14 days are loving it)💁🏻
The ingredients are: organic olive fruit oil, Aloe Vera infused with MSM and DMA and a triple boost of antioxidants from maqui berry, rooibos and green tea👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼
After I was a bit sceptical with the texture of the mask I really like to use it after putting it in the fridge 🤗❤️
Thanks for the great products @ skinowl ❤
#beautyheroes #herogram #skinowl
User Image mickeymaus214 Posted: Sep 24, 2017 8:36 PM (UTC)
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Goodbye,Adios Sant Elm ❤️ You can se "SA DRAGONERA" the isle of little dragons 🐉 ❤️#Mallorca #sunset #vacationisover #placewithwonderfulmemories #andsunsets
User Image mickeymaus214 Posted: Sep 19, 2017 10:15 PM (UTC)
5 Normal
Liebe Jules 😘❤Danke dir für deine Freundschaft. Fürs lachen und weinen... Fürs nicht lange böse auf einander sein.... Für so viele unvergessliche Momente❤😂Wenn wir unsere Lachflashs haben,bleibt kein Auge trocken und die wenigsten können dann selber ernst bleiben😉
Wir sind nicht immer einer Meinung,haben definitiv sehr verschiedenen Musikgeschmack und auch schon mal verschiedene Ansichten im Allgemeinem. Wir hätten uns vielleicht auch gar nicht von alleine gefunden🤔🤷🏻‍♀️
Gott sei dank ist die Welt klein und man lernt sich über lustige Zufälle kennen😉Ich muss heute noch darüber schmunzeln das mir deine bessere Hälfte vor vielen Jahren meine erste eigene Wohnung vermittelt hat. Und Jahre später lerne ich dich kennen da du zu dem Zeitpunkt eine Arbeitskollegin von meinem Flo bist ✌🏼
Nennen wir es einfach Schicksal☺😘Ich bin auf jeden Fall froh dich mit in meinem Leben zu haben. Auch wenn wir uns im Alltag nicht oft sehen,ist es jedesmal wunderschön und besonders. Und jetzt im Urlaub zusammen (unser zweiter) ist es schön dich etwas mehr an meiner Seite zu haben❤
User Image mickeymaus214 Posted: Sep 13, 2017 7:37 PM (UTC)
4 Normal
Breathtaking view from our vacation stay. #sunset #mallorca #santelm ❤😍❤
User Image mickeymaus214 Posted: Sep 12, 2017 5:15 PM (UTC)
7 Sierra
Oh beautiful #mallorca ❤Our second day in Sant Elm💚We have a great vacation apartment with an breathtaking view on "our" small bay👌🏼❤Together with our friends @jules_r_84 and her love,we relaxing and enjoying the warmth of the sun ☀️🌤🌊👫👫🍷🍻🍽🥘🥗🍤🍨
User Image mickeymaus214 Posted: Aug 31, 2017 1:41 PM (UTC)
15 Normal
I just woke up after a few hours sleeping not very well (nightshift) and this is what I found on our dining table❤️🤗❤A flower bouquet inspired by my beautiful wedding flowers four years ago💐 That's all I ask my hubby for every anniversary 🤗🙌🏼❤#whoneedsdiamonds #imaflowergirl #flowersmakesmehappy 🥂🍽 And tonight is date night❤ Swipe to see more pics💐
User Image mickeymaus214 Posted: Aug 30, 2017 8:55 PM (UTC)
54 Normal
#weddingwednesday and our 4th civil wedding day❤☺❤ 30.08.2013 ❤My best friend,soulmate and man who makes me always laugh❤and the man who can cry with me,hold my hand and stays beside me no matter what happens ❤I love you❤
Today we had to work both,but tomorrow we will take time for us...Date night ❤😘
User Image mickeymaus214 Posted: Aug 29, 2017 10:05 AM (UTC)
11 Normal
Competition time from @contentbeauty ☺❤👌🏼These two are for me the perfect pair 👌🏼They are working great together #CONTENTbeautybffs ❤Love the @kyprisbeauty Antioxidant Serum for so many years for his amazing benefits. It keeps my skin calm,dewy but not greasy. It drenches the skin with ocean extracts and antioxidants👌🏼Superoxide dismutase,vitamin C&E are only some of the great ingredients. It works on his own but is also mixable with other oils. My choice for this is my beloved @odacite Pa+G Serum Concentrate for Hyperpigmentation which has an oily consistency👌🏼The ingredients are Papaya and Geranium. Great for skin with hyperpigmentation from sun or old scars from blemishes 👌🏼🙌🏼❤Together they are perfect for the summertime because the texture is lightweight enough but moisturizing. Great unter spf and make-up👌🏼 It sinks immediately into the skin 💫 These two are already empty and I would like to win them to have my favorite product pairing back in my routine 🙌🏼