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Just because we don't share the same mother don't mean we ain't brothers.

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It's not that stereotypes are incorrect, but they are incomplete. Let's allow love to heal us and let's #FlyTogether 🕊
Name that tune. 👻 Snapchat: lilcrazedkid
Those who have your back are those right by your side. 🔙↔️ #AlijahOu #AmeliaOu #IsaacOu #ElliotOu
Life is full of stairs you've gotta climb. Oftentimes during that climb, we feel small and incapable of reaching the top, but as long as Daddy's alive, I will do my best to prevent you from ever feeling incapable of reaching any level of your choosing. Though your mother and I *haven't been* working out, I will continue to strive to be a part of your growth as much as I was a part of your conception. Distance won't make me distant. Just ask your brothers. ❣️ #AmeliaOu
To one of the only people in this world who's shown me unconditional love no matter how many times I've failed or disappointed you, the woman that has provided me with life more than once, the hardest working woman I know, my idea of Super Woman, my mama, happy birthday. You are appreciated more than I'll ever be able to express through words. I promise I will make you proud again. I love you. #MamaOu
There will come a time that you'll no longer be able to sit on my shoulders, but there will never come a time that you'll no longer be able to lean on them. #AmeliaOu #OneDayLate #911
Alijah: 4th grade
Isaac: 3rd grade

I told Alijah I had my first girlfriend in 4th grade, but chill, you don't need to follow my footsteps with that. I'm not trying to be a grandpa in 10 years. #AlijahOu #IsaacOu
I'll never be able to provide you with everything you deserve, but I promise you I'll continue striving for it. Happy 1st birthday, babygirl. ❣️🎂 #AmeliaOu 📸: @morriahkovar