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  Posted: Aug 5, 2012 5:45 AM FEED
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Happy birthday to this special girl. Love you so much ❤️ Your smart, driven, loving, and empathetic self is something rare to come across and I feel so fortunate to be sharing my life with someone as amazing as you.
After a 1-hour long river cruise through a mountain in the jungle of Belize. Our Mayan native and tour guide Tony taught us a ton as he paddled us through the lazy river stream. Inside the mountain, its pitch dark, full of bats, and was considered the underworld and where the Mayans would praise to their gods. Every time I travel, I walk away with some knowledge that blows my mind. To be able to connect with other walks of life who view our world with a different perspective is invaluable.
My new friend Darwin and I. I asked for the machete after he told me the jungle is full of Jaguars and Pumas. 🐆
One of the best parts about this country is how awesome the people are.
Sitting here, on the small island off the coast of Belize's mainland, called Ambergris Caye. Full of amazing people, food, culture, and of course home to beautiful waters and marine life. Exactly where I want to be. 🇧🇿
Always fun getting behind the lens. Even better when it's for a friend. @fomomusic @garrettbeau 🎥 @robb6 @_tinol
It feels like this was only days ago, I guess time flies when you get to experience it with someone as special as you. Happy Valentines Day @julia__saboya ❤️
Usually packed like a can of sardines, not often you have a place like this to yourself. Stoked with what I was able to experience in Rome.
Posted: Jan 23, 2017 2:13 AM
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Spotting locations from up high makes it much easier until bae tells you to come back down. #barcelona
The only way to beat the crowd are the early mornings. Standing on the edge of a 600 year old bridge, built under the power of King Charles IV. #prague
Posted: Jan 6, 2017 9:34 PM
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The famous canals of Amsterdam. In the shape of half circles, these 4 canals were dug out and built during the 17th century for residential development purposes and to act as a line of defense from enemies. #amsterdam
The power of technology. 5,600 miles away from home and still connected #entrepreneurgamestrong