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  Posted: Aug 4, 2012 10:48 PM FEED
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Yayyy! It’s been too long! Got to see Yutaro Oni~chan @warriorism ! He’s the one did most of my tattoos & Roxy @cosmicrox ’s amazing back piece 🐆🐅🌸👺🎋🍙🍵⛩📿🗾🎏🎌
At Bay Area Tattoo Convention Party with lovely Marry @maryjoytattoo 🌹 Thanks for 👁 tattoo ❤️❤️❤️
Posted: Oct 19, 2017 3:56 AM
8 Clarendon
Argh I’d like to live in this room, please🍃🔮⚪️💖💜🍃Interior design from Bloomingdale’s Book of Home Decorating by Barbara D’Arcy, 1973.
L👀K at this lovely thing! @lovestreetsf logo stickers, ooooooooo la la~~~~💖✨
Dreaming of the Arch Lamp whole night, the dream would come true anytime soon 🌈 ••• The American Restaurant, by Warren Platner, Kansas City in 1974s
Yummmm! Real authentic Zaru Udon @ Mugizo in Japantown! Grind sesame in the bowl, then pour the dipping sours into it, so you can enjoy fresh ground sesame flavor! Aaamazing 👅🍜🎊
Check out these amazing 70s Turkish Embroidery Kaftan just came in to the shop @lovestreetsf !!!! 😳Come by, try on new stuffs and do some modeling for me/the shop hahahha!
Rockin' Hippie Couture "Char" vest from 70s that I got from The Vutique at @vintageexpo !!!
The best wardrobe movie, "Candy" & super groovy cover, "Psycho Astrology" gifted from Rebecca @halasrebecca ! Thank you💖✨
Finally found Short Shorts 2pc Set! Thank you Marissa @chickaboomvintage !!!! Love it🦄💜
Thrifting daze with Fauve babe @_wildbeast ! Can't wait to have another "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Daze"💕💞💕💞💖✨
Oh My Psychedelia! I got to meet Richie @thefeatch yesterday! He came into @lovestreetsf and found perfect 70s leather jacket! We look soooo groooovy together✌🏼🌈🦋🌻🍄
Oishii Time with Gena @thenighttripper !! This is our new favorite Ramen Spot!!!! Gochiso~sama 🍜 🙏🏼
Call me Pro. Stein Remover✌🏼 I was so upset when I found out stein all over this dress after purchasing, but I washed with love, so then magically they all came out, and turned into a beauty thing.(Oh My English!?)🙌🏼🌈✨
Yayyyy! I finally beat that jerk on Haight at Goodwill today✌🏼60s Red Lurex Bell Sleeve Mini & Pastel Floral Wrap Palazzo Pants, hell yeah🦋🌸🍭🍬🏅
Omg the best outfit of the daze.... Japanese Grand-mom rocking 60s 2pc Set!!!!! Soooooo cuteeeeeee!!!!! She must be a OG Flowerchild!!! 🦋🍄🌼🌸 🌈
On August 19th, My Birthday Trip to @indianspringsresortspa was SUPER! Had amazing floating time with my best companion Hether B also surprisingly run into Mrs. phoebeeee @phoebehasley , got to spend my bday with her too✌🏼PS Rockin' my birthday jumpsuits I got from @heldovervintage What would I do without you guys!!! heheheheheeeeee✌🏼
Ringo's homemade 🍙 party 🎉 at Love Street! Topping is grilled salmon, seaweed, pickles & sour plummm! You can tell how Oishii(yummy) it is by looking at Gena! She's literally melting🤤
Pop-Up Shop at Virgil on Sunday Funday was super! Izzy purchased Ringo's Bongo Denim Bodycon, so cute! Thanks for coming cuties!
THIS SUNDAY!!!!! Ringo's Vintage Clothing Pop-up from 2:30pm-6:30pm at the Virgil's Sea Room in Mission!!!! Come by!!!!!