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Where does this elevator take me?!?
Broken garden to a good home!
I got so many compliments on my hair today! Thanks guys!
Packing up my stuff in this bedroom is miserable.
#ae4thetrees planting oak trees and junk! This is super tasty and I don't usually like whiskey drinks
Celebrating our anniversary with a night downtown!!! We checked out a lot of bars, including Frosty's- a Christmas themed bar in Florida. And ended the night with an egg white smooth drink at The Courtesy.
Dragon Con reminiscing! Niobe overload! This was one of my most fun costumes to date!!! #dragoncon2017 #niobe #sheislife #comics @strangercomics
Arnold whined the whole time in the car and then was too scared to get out. I had to carry him in the house and hold him for a couple of minutes til he was calm again. This storm is already messing with him #mypoorbaby #chihuahua
I love these people! My little brother calls the guest room the Guessing Room.
"This is Luke Cage, he doesn't care about Newton!" -sharef jackson