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MY FAVORITE GINGER IS FINALLY 21, hope you had the best bday ever
can we please me reunited soon aka this weekend
glad you finally made it back to America so we could celebrate your birthday, ILY
finally found somebody who will ride the trolly with me!!! Thanks Sarah brown 🤗
thank you for the 5283682627 favors you've done for me, ILY
happy birthday to my favorite since high school, from going to your football games and buying you tobacco because you weren't old enough to now going to bars with you :-) drink plenty of beer for us tonight!! Love you Brian!!
happy birthday Kennedy 😊🎉 have fun celebrating in London, can't wait for you to come home so we can FINALLY celebrate your 21st af, thankful that I met you and you have to deal with me on the daily, love you lots!!!