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Guess this means I'm in Hawaii.

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Just me,my backpack and the mountain, this is how mums end up snowboarding- by themselves! So good
THIS MAN has loved, cared, cuddled & wiped tears for 15 years now. His love is endless and I thank him for being with me on this journey. Happy Father's Day @matusb
My brother @carl_delaney took me for a burn today. Much much fun. Thanks for the rush and living the dream forever! Xx
When ladies dine we DINE. Beautiful evening spent with a bunch of fabulous ladies @babyfacekitchen @amandajaynefisher_ happy birthday my sweet. Xx
As you can see I was very very busy holding the equipment today. Sometimes you just have to sit. #sunseekeraustralia
It was all glitter and sand today. So non appropriate footwear
So excited to be at the BANKS concert tonight with these two. @sundaae @keoneb beside myself!!!!!
@matusb soaking in the warmth and taking his last swim after bumping on to my work trip. #thawout
Snow time, I am now officially the slowest person in my family.
Winter afternoons at home. Time to stop for a minute and look.
Who knew Sundae was an artist. Here is a snapshot of her very 1st portrait. @sundaae ✔️#charcoal
This lovely human I call mum. As you can see I'd like to squeeze her till she pops. @stephanie_delaney
And that would be me standing in a tiny spot of sun trying to get warm. She is cold in the morning down here. #hobart