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  Posted: Aug 4, 2012 3:59 AM FEED
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The cake was good, but this plate hat rocks!

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Nasty day. Front squats up to 140 3 x 2, then HB squats up to 170 2 x 3. Last set here. This comfortably reinforces that the battle between front and back squats for my Love is equivalent to: Back squats = Enola Gay, Front Squats = Nagasaki.
Posted: Oct 11, 2017 11:05 PM
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It ain’t fancy, but it does the trick. If by trick, you mean contain 1500 calories. Don’t worry @linmc I have salad for lunch #ChefBobo
Us looking like rockstars. Rockstars in formal gear.
Another one while the light’s good. Wedding time for Nick and Jenny
Hey Melbs*. You’re a bit hit and miss, but when you get it right, you get it right. *Cheltenham
Another one for the comedy files...but I’m still counting it cause I never pressed out or lost control. 90kg. Wouldn’t have trained today but @messer_method gave me the fire up.
Pretty damn proud to be honest. First ever comp (and for me as coach), 1.5 weeks notice, nervous AF. Went 8/9, 100kg squat, 67.5kg bench (and outright win), 120kg deadlift for a 2nd place on Wilks. And Richmond won the GF too! Congratulations to @diannebjtaylor and thanks to @liftersleague for the day
3 x 5 @ 120, followed by 3 x 6 @ 100. Except for some bizarre reason I had to dump the 3rd set of 120 at rep 3. Very embarrassing and utterly unexpected. Went and taught my niece Pepper to skateboard yesterday to atone for my failure and regain my place as a man. Also a PB with this horrific music, which adds about 25kg psychologically.
QUT library roof. Those are all books. Pretty cool. #boringphotosofinstagram #arty
Posted: Sep 20, 2017 11:46 AM
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Mmm, applicious. I was going to cut a piece off, but someone had already bitten into it like it wasn't a family apple lattice pastry, so it meant I could too. #dinnerpastry #breakfastpastry #alsopredinnerpastry
Posted: Sep 5, 2017 10:15 AM
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Holy crap, just watched this (on the advice of @brandonlilly3 from memory) and it is UNBELIEVABLE. Not in the sense that it's far fetched, because you have to be delusional to believe that it's only the Russians that are balls deep in PEDs, but in the sense that it's amazing. If you are in any way interested in sport, this is an incredible movie. Plus the Orwellian theme appeals to my inner literature nerd.
Posted: Aug 4, 2017 5:05 AM
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Ugly and wobbly, but here's your 5 @ 90 @juandcanon. You're up.
Some technique work with baby weights. 3s and 2s with 50, 60 & 70 kg, hang power snatch and hang snatch. Trying to channel my inner Luis Mosquera but I keep forgetting to go under the bar faster than the Flash playing limbo. When I do remember, the difference is astounding. I almost feel like I'm 10% good.
Posted: Jul 26, 2017 3:58 AM
20 X-Pro II
Before I took this I calculated that these two bits of paper (nicely textured card really) have taken up 1/4 of my life so far. Some might think this would mean I am now highly educated. Others would then argue this is not necessarily true. What I have learned is that, like children, two is almost certainly enough. This is actually the first time I've taken the old degree out of its cardboard tube home in living memory. For Instagram. Priorities. #nevergoingback
Day 2 of Paris. Not really in order, we did the Louvre first. That's a little roman or Greek sculpture (forgot) of a sassy, fat monster or something and my favourite painting which was the Palais du Inferno (or something, I kind of made that up just now), the palace of hell. Not much of a view, but nice late 19th century demonic-Parisian architecture. Then we went to a fromagerie and cave au vin, where we got righteously French, mon dieu! Right now we're drinking more wine because FRANCE 🇫🇷
My entertaining brother in law @example doing a little impromptu karaoke in front of a few locals that I suppose just happened to be there the other night. He seems to do this regularly, and @djwire luckily brought his laptop and some cords. Turned out to be pretty good actually! #godivafestival2017
Sweet Hever castle visit. Home of Anne Boleyn (originally Bullen, but they fancied up the spelling) prior to her unfortunate beheading incident. Lovely gardens and weapons case, all real rather than replicas. The axes and swords here were all used for executions, torture or punishment. The funny looking cleaver thing is for lopping off hands! 👋🏻 so efficient! There were also squirrels and bunnies and they do jousting. Plus Range Rovers are amazing to drive.
Berlin spam! No filters or nuthin. We also went to the world's best chocolate shop, did a bike tour (bike tours are EVERYTHING) and learned about nazis and the ongoing comedic relationship the Germans have with the French. Tiergarten is awesome and I saw a bunny 🐰. Also saw bullet holes in a wall and laughed at communism.
This is for you @jbrammall and you @everydayavi Berlin is unreal.