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Goodbye, Hawaii. Your beauty is absolutely unbeatable!
Mahalo to my parents for a wonderful week. @seanwidmer and I love you so much!
All smiles before I got completely leveled by a massive wave. My ring didn't get eaten by the ocean, just in case you were wondering! 🌊💍
Happy birthday, Mom! Thank you for the adventurous spirit, love of traveling, love of dogs, sense of humor, love of eating, and back fat.
Celebrating each other tonight and the love we found. Shoutout to the random lady that had a full photo shoot with us as the sun was setting. #engaged
Taco 'bout a great pre-vacation treat last night! 💍
Thanks for always making me laugh, @seanwidmer. I love you.
But that shirt still isn't socially acceptable.
Instagram overload but I can't help it that I love these women and I'm so thankful that they made their ways from Indy, LA, and Nashville to visit my new neck of the woods! I hate leaving them today, but excited for our next trip. #mamasfungus 😊💕
You can take the girls out of LA but we will still find a @soulcycle.
AS WE GO ON WE REMEMBER ALL THE TIMES WEVE HAD TOGETHER. But seriously, love these girls so much!! #classof08 #wehaveachildinourgroupnow #KATE