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  Posted: Aug 3, 2012 12:52 AM FEED
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The back bakery. Those who know, know.
A shaded view of a Max Dupain inspired summer. #australianicon #byron #sunbaker 1937 #maxdupain . An art history major tops up the Bali tan .
I made these settings in Ubud. I'm searching for stones for them in the Byron Hinterland. ⚒✖️⚖
I art directed this manicure. I heart it. It is my sun, my moon and all my stars. 🌑〰🗯 @mariacurau_bali @kesterblack
#kesterblack #nailart #canggu #bali #vegan #nontoxicnails
Photo cred @annashortley the influencer.
I'm at an Innovation Retreat in Ubud. This is the calm I'm in, before all parts of my mind are blown. Enjoying living, eating, sharing and yogiing with 32 curious others.
#digitalnomad #techgirl #innovation #ubud
I was taken to a secret spot at the lip of a cliff, with a sheer drop over Padang Padang. You can see the famous break The Impossibles from here, rolling in an impossibly perfect formation.
I'm speaking about ~modern~ PR at Dojo on Thursday afternoon. Come if you're in Bali and want to be a PR Superstar!
Pic credit @ejmaxwell x
#bali #Canggu #digitalnomad #pr
Morning hustle and bustle with plenty of muscle.
Posted: Jul 20, 2017 1:50 AM
2 Clarendon
I was told yesterday; the dreams you dream on your first night in a new place, will come true. I guess I dreamed this place on a first night somewhere.
Popped in on my neighbours at @instituteofcode . Poor things are slumming it. Great to connect fam!
#startup #girlswhocode #baliluxe #digitalnomad #girlboss #rudenotto
This is a clutch of single stone earning pairs I've made. The posts wrap under the wearers lobe. I'm searching for perfect stones and crystals for loved ones to set in them. Work in progress ➖✖️
#bali #Canggu #crystals #moonrocks #jewellery