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Me with the Che man himself. Photo credit: @danielgrey.

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Most underrated national park in the world? Capitol Reef, Utah. We LOVE this place.
Perfect example of the kind of image I love, that Instagram does not.
Out in Joshua Tree with my monkeys. Grateful for every single day with them.
I will always love you, Zion. Each time we visit, I feel so assured in naming our boy after this heavenly place.
He's way more sensitive than people know.
@airbnb told me I could choose any listing for my birthday. Click the link in my bio to see the the full video and get the listing link. #sponsoredbyairbnb
Missed the sunset, got my girl though. And that's all that matters.
This is what I live for. I'm so happy looking at this. My purpose and my passion, right there.
I fell in love with her quickly. In denial at first, I still remember after only a few weeks of dating, she had her mission call and I went to her farewell. I was trying to play it cool, like I'd be completely fine when she left for 18 months. We watched this slideshow her Mum had made about her life. I think that was the moment I really realised I wasn't going to be ok when she left. The slideshow finished and I got really emotional and just had to leave. I tried to make a smooth getaway and ended up jamming and then slamming the door as I was leaving. Weird memory for this image to bring up. Seriously though, look at her. How could I not fall in love with this creature.
Being in the mountains makes me so freaking happy. Just wish we had some here in Australia. #takemebacktoutah
Never met a woman stronger. Love her. Love them.
Racing the setting sun in Savannah, GA.
This is going to sound really stupid but I hope we never stop going to this pizza joint on Spring St. She's so happy every single time we visit and that is all I ever want.
Been a while so I thought I'd share a #roointhesky from #monumentvalley. He's seriously getting too heavy for my old back but he still loves being thrown in the sky so I'm battling on, haha.
Breathe it in. That’s our favourite spot in the whole world you’re looking at. @airbnb, you’re way too good for making my birthday even more special with this place. #sponsored
I turned 33 today and I can’t really think of any place I’d rather be than right here with these guys. @airbnb, can’t thank you enough for the beautiful digs and a place we’d like to call ‘home’. Video coming soon. #sponsoredbyairbnb
There is so much dance within Roo that he spontaneously busts out with mini performances for us most days. Even out in the desert we can't hold him back.
Sunset swimming in Charleston, South Carolina.

The ocean is home and we try to find it whenever we travel.
Two years old and just chilling at MV.

I'm gonna show you the whole world.