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  Posted: Aug 2, 2012 7:43 PM FEED
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Progress update... haven't posted in a while. I've been on maintenance calories over the summer so strength gains have been slow. I've started my winter bulk a few weeks ago and my strength in the gym is going up fast. These pictures are the results of 12 months in the gym. Best thing I've done for along time. Can't imagine fitness not being part of my life anymore. The two pictures show what you can achieve with some dedication and eating the right food. Body fat levels have dropped and muscle size increased. I'm back on 3800 calories now and hoping to gain 5-6 kg in my bulking phase. I'll keep you updated with the progress if I remember to snap some pictures.
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Progress update. I'm still on healthy eating and gym 3-5 times a week. Weight in both pictures are about the same but body fat has dropped massively. Still hitting pb's in the gym so can't complain. I'm on maintenance calories at the moment, after summer will be the big bulk which I'm hoping I will get some good strength gains from. #gains #goals #gym #beforeandafter #shameless #selfie #cleaneating #abs #6pack #project
Posted: May 23, 2017 8:02 PM
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PB on the leg press today #320kg after a big leg sesh as well. #gym #goals #pb #legday #gains
So this is week 1 of my bulk. It's been tough as I decided to let loose at the weekend and drink alcohol (lots) I had forgotten how much this effects your workout for basically the next week! I'm on a super clean bulk of around 3800 calories but this will probably slowly rise over the next few weeks to around 4100. Still going to the gym 5 days but started a new strength program which I am slowly building this week, so looking forward to next weeks goals. I don't expect fast results with this but hoping to smash some pb's in the gym now my strength is returning.#gym #bulking #gymselfie #6pack #progress #program #macros
So it's been 8 weeks and my challenge is over. Very pleased with the results but ready now to do a clean bulk as I miss the strength gains. Diet wise I have learnt a lot from this and can use this moving forward. I'm hoping to get back to my weight (middle picture) but with more muscle mass. I lost 1 stone in the 8 weeks and can say most has been fat so overall feeling more healthy and fighting fit for the next challenge. #clean #healthyeating #gym #shredded #challenge #beforeandafter #gains
So this is week 5. All going well, abs starting to show through. I've up'd my macros as I was in too much of a deficit. Still training 5 days a week with a little cardio as a finisher. Biggest thing is staying away from sugars and naughty treats. I did have a little blow out on Saturday with a cheeky Thai but apart from that all going steady.
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So this is week 4. I have decided to half my shred program as I've realised I need to focus on muscle building before a cut. The cut was very helpful tho. I lost 11lbs in 4 weeks and managed to keep my muscle loss to an absolute minimum. For the next 4 weeks I will be focusing on a super clean bulk so hopefully add some muscle mass. I have learnt a great deal in the last 4 weeks. Mainly cutting out all the rubbish food has made the biggest impact. #lean #challenge #bulk #cleaneating #transformation
Week 2 ✅ I have had to change my macros and intake as basically I made the common error in dropping to much to fast. I basically didn't have enough energy for my 5 big gym sessions so the weight and muscle😢fell off me. I have adjusted my macros to a more realistic figure and added more cardio/hiit to my training program to burn the calories. Waist measurement is down by 1"1/2 since the beginning but so are most of my muscle measurements. I have now added more carbs back in to help fuel my gym sessions so hopefully get back on track. Really enjoying the healthy eating which I think is the main part of the program. Overall lost 8lbs but some of that was muscle which is not good but hopefully put some of that back on this week. #gym #shred #cut #abs #fitness #challenge
So week 1 done ✅ not much to show but lost nearly an inch on the waist so well pleased. It's been a shock to the system going from 4000 calories down to around 2200 but man do I feel good. My gym workouts have been surprisingly strong which I wasn't expecting due to the carb cut. I've had to adjust my macros a few times to get the right ratio but all seems to be working good. I've lost about 2lb on the scales and muscle measurements have stayed about the same. Last week I only managed the gym 4 days due to the festive holidays but in full swing this week with my gym workout so aiming for 5 days this week. #shredding #abs #gym #excercise #cut
Ok so my 5 month bulk is over.. I managed to gain 16kg to reach my goal of 13 stone. Not all muscle but a good attempt for a newbie.. I've been on a 3800 calorie plan with hi carbs to build some muscle. I managed to gain around 25 inches in total body measurements but unfortunately added a few to the waist line.
Now it's #shred time which I have never done before. I'm starting with an 8 week program which involves 5 #gym sessions a week and a low calorie meal plan. Starting off on around 2300 calories to see how it goes. I'm gonna post weekly progress for the next 8 weeks so hopefully get some #abs showing.
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Over the last 12 weeks I decided to hit the gym for the first time in about 12years. It was a shock to the system (and body) but finally loving the challenges and rewards of working hard. I have gained 19lb in muscle and added 25inches to my overall measurements. As I am in bulking stage at the moment my body fat is still high but this stage will only last for another 4-5 months. After this shredding is the goal with every effort not to loose muscle mass. I have learnt that nutrition is the key to all of this and without understanding basic food categories the results may have been different. Another thing I have learnt in the gym is to never skip leg day! Exercising legs has helped me out the most and has had so much impact on my lifting ability.
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