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Last night, after dinner reading (because he has to, not because he wants to) and his big (bigger than mine) feet. #kidsinthehood #finnstagram #mine
Warm October days, when kids are barefoot with ice cream in dramatic autumn light, and zombie heroes walk streets of gold on their way to Birthday fun. #kidsinthehood
Friday fun at swim practice after a hard week of yards. Waterpolo instead of laps, though losing team does a 100 fly. #highstakes #kidsinthehood
#dylanboy had vaccines and orthodontia today. Bed, ice cream, screen, pal. #kidsinthehood
Yesterday’s #kidsinthehood offers us a rare glimpse of #finnstagram showing his inner Jack Nicholson.
This is piranha ball. It's a game you play with a bat and a big green ball and #dylanboy and #finnstagram and you'd have to really pay attention in order to get it (I doubt you would). #kidsinthehood
Departure in the early morning light. His days start early and go pretty late this year, being a middle schooler in B practice on the swim team. He's tired but working hard, and I've never seen anyone so excited to come home on this Friday afternoon. #kidsinthehood #finnstagram
The ask was, put your laundry away. But we've never known #dylanboy not to have fun with the task at hand. #kidsinthehood
Bigger boys, bigger workouts. Stepping up on the team. #kidsinthehood
A hot day with low autumn light is confusion for the senses even while enjoying one last swim. #kidsinthehood #boys and #tubes.
#katestagram and cousin Ella want to walk to the One Stop for candy and root beer, but #Seamus (cocooned in the hammock just out of sight) is in a mood, won't budge. #kidsinthehood
#dylanboy returns from a week of camping away, carries his own weight in that duffle bag. #kidsinthehood