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Finally got to use our Fathers Day Gift 🎟🎟🎟 NEW YORK YANKEES vs boston stupid shit sox ⚾️
Justin Girard Pastore graduated Harvard Law (Ramapo) congrats brotha. (Spoiler alert) I gave you 8$ in your card. #GRADPARTYHEAVY #LIT
"We would have been so much more successful in high school if we had vapes" guys remember this ? It was last night . Lmk #djais
When someone asks if you want xtra onions on your burger 🍔. (See hand gesture for answer) throwing it all out for being 26 years of age yesterday and for the onlooking swimmers as they uncomfortably swim in 58° water and act like it's enjoyable.
I'm ordering beers I can't pronounce, there's children in strollers, parents are stressed, and we're talking about things you'll never know about. Cheers to Saturday's for the boyzzzz
Somewhere between AC & Madison Square Garden
Somewhere between still drunk and slightly dead.
But we made it . Also, fuck the Canadiens🖕🏻 #LGR
What do you like better, Christmas or Fishing Season?
[Rob raises his hand]
Yes. The answer would be, um, Fishing Season?
#fishingSZN #liveaction
I think it was 1993 when X-PAC from D-Generation X said "I'm too drunk to taste this chicken" Happy St. Pattys Day from Seaside Heights, NJ, 08751 #syxxpac #123kid
V rare moment. It's with a heavy heart I announce my last attendance of Jax Thursday for probably a very long time as I embark on my new journey being a lame ass old man and having a "decent job" with a "decent salary?" Yeah sucks right ? Anyway, come cry with me tonight. BYOT (Bring Your Own Tears) And there's a tv giveaway too so that's chill. This picture was taken earlier today, that's me waving farewell to all my friends.
I got coal, my brother got nothing, my mom got a spa day, and my dad just doesn't give a shit. What the fuck santa? #christmasevefromhell
Not a #care in the world to be perfectly honest.
Just wanna thank the pilgrims for getting stoned back in 1969 and having a three-day food coma feast, thus resulting in today's holiday , #Thanksgiving . That's really all I wish to address on the matter. And that's my brother btw.
Are pickerel big ? Well, Dale, they are what's called , a trophy fish. So yeah they're pretty big. #catchoftheday #pickerel #stopbleedingonme