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Happy birthday to this gorgeous ray of sunshine!😍☀️💕 Girl you so radiant 👌🏽Wishing you all the happiness in the world and can't wait for the upcoming celebrations 🎉💍 #lovelove #gorgegirly #birthdaygirl #glamgrannie #cutie
Happy birthday to this sassy señorita! @rozypriyashukla 💃🏻🎉❤️Wishing you nothing but success, happiness and positive vibes, if you use half the motivational (nagging)skills you use on me on yourself you can achieve anything! 😂👌🏽#lovelove #happybirthday #sassy #24 #budinow #dinneranddrinkslife #bollywooddiva
Don't forget to enter @catwalkclothinguk's competition for a chance to win this t-shirt and choker! 😍Simply follow their account and find this pic for details 👌🏽Winner will be announced tomorrow, good luck ☺️ P.s Chanelling my inner @arianagrande 💕
I've just had the pleasure of watching Suffragette (everyone go see this movie) and feeling all kinds of emotions... distress and upset having just envisioned probably only a tiny glimpse of the atrocities and trauma that women faced for speaking up and demanding their rights but overall I'm overwhelmed with a feeling of courage and determination that has flourished from the seeds that were sewn by these brave women before us. Gratitude for the women that fought, risked their lives and their loved ones just so that we can live the way we do today... and yet there's still so much for us to achieve, so let us all unite because together we are stronger 🙏🏽❤️ P.s I found my twin as a child 🙈#suffragette #feminist #femalepower
Earn your fashion stripes 🖤 Up on the blog now! ✏️ (Click link in bio) #sofierce
✨Competition time! ✨ @catwalkclothinguk are offering the chance to #WIN this killer tee and choker combo 😍🔥Head to their account and check their last post for details 👌🏽 good luck! 💕#competition #giveaway #catwalkclothing #catwalkqueens #cqueen