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Posted: Oct 20, 2017 3:16 PM
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NYC Subway Stories #94: L as in late.
Quote of the day: "we would never be friends in high school if this is how we dressed up"
"Kelly, what am I missing?" "Hmmm... I think you need more gradation and may be some flowers on top of your letters"
Kelly and I celebrated our 2 years of matching this week. It had its gradations, yes... but it has always been flowery. #bigsister
Full support for my cousin for finishing a tough week. Someone who is always available with so much love in her heart. I ❤️ her. (There should be a day dedicated to cousins...) #lunchbreak
How 'what if?' feels like.
Ya ben çaktırmadan çok eğlenmişim dün gece. Arada grupi olmuşum, memlekete gidip gelmişim, aşk şarkılarında eller havada yapmışım falan, neler olmuş yaaa... şaka bir yana Gripin üyeleri çok şekerler, öyle mütevazı, öyle cici, öyle içten... kendimi uzak kuzenlerimle tanışmış falan gibi hissettim dün gece valla billa.
We reached our goal last night and made over $10000!! Thank you all who showed up and donated.
The girls can now continue to dream... 💕🌱 (There is still time if you would like to donate and/or learn about the cause:
My Dad and Mrs Feryal Menemenli worked together for many years in food business. I remember bringing boxes of delicious tea bags to US produced by their company. Feryal Hanım is now fulfilling another dream of hers from scratch. If you ever go to Datça, make sure you stop by her olive farm @kocamaar; touch her immortal olive trees, taste the almond butter she made sweetened with date-molasses (the only one In Turkey), smell the oregano she collects to add to her pepper paste, learn about the acidity of olive oil, and ask about the 100 year-old antique plant prints on her walls. (Oh, and ask her about how to build a real authentic salt-filled bread oven)
'Bunlardan bi dolu yetiştirip, Fenerbahçelilere satıcam'
Gökyüzündeki bütün yıldızları toplayıp denize attım, sabah olunca özlemeyesin diye...
Ege'yi geçmek kolaydır demedi ki kimse...
Göbek diil o yaa, temin limonata içtiydim o şişlik yapmış
Böyle güzel göründüğüne bakma, Çamur yüreği ne aşklar bitirdi. Kendini beğenmiş kibirli deniz, Sarhoş olmaktan başka çare bıraktın mı?
Wars of the Armenian Kings fought at Lampron castle (Namrun Kalesi) are not much different than those fought in Game of Thrones. The castle was part of the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia in 13th century; situated at a high point of Highland valleys, it was impenetrable for a long time. There were allegedly three unsuccessful attempts before it was finally seized when King of Armenia 'promised' his niece to marry one of their nobles. While the wedding was being held in the valley, his army attacked and took over the castle... Familiar? #toroslar #namrunkalesi #çamlıyayla #gameofthrones
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