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Surf at the Jetty. Beautiful day at Topaz. Bummed we have to leave!
Jaq and Tiff about to make their break in the JV Bay League opener #redondoxc
Winner winner chicken dinner. Short handed girls JV go 1-2 with Jaq and Tiff leading the way #redondoxc
Daniel Lutz gets a huge win in the Bay League opener to secure the team victory. #redondoxc
Only the beginning. Girls in a hard fought battle with home team Costa get second by 2 points. It’s so close we can taste it. On ro Mt. Sac. #redondoxc
#redondoxc Soph girls jump for joy after their 6point victory at Central Park Invite
Oh my, my little ones put this together while I was gone.
Boys place 2nd in the D1 Race at the Portland XC Invite. On the podium with Olympian Evan Jaeger! #redondoxc