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5 minutes from my apartment in Chiang Mai. Good place to clear the head.
The Thai craft beer scene has been exploding recently! Having tons of fun exploring the local scene.
Our favorite speakeasy in the world (so far). Tucked away down an alley in Kuala Lumpur through 3 separate doors. Love this place!
5 years. Nearly 10 times around the earth in flight miles. Over 20 countries. A dozen businesses started (some still running). Countless hours with friends, new and old. Lots of highs, lots of lows. Insane amounts of growth. Trying to summarize the last 5 years is a daunting and humbling challenge. All I know is that I've had the best companion... the best partner-in-crime... the best friend with me the whole way. Love you to pieces, Steph. Let's keep kicking ass together. #happyanniversary
Bangkok for Friday night dinner and drinks 🌇
Pretty epic views from this weekend's motorbike trip. 👍🏻🇹🇭
Drive a Vespa through the Barolo wine country. ✅

Two bucket list items in two weeks. We're on 🔥!
Absolutely stunning day in the Maritime Alps yesterday. Reminded me of our hikes in Slovakia last year.
Another off the bucket list: Bag a summit in the Swiss/Italian Alps. ✅👍🏻🇮🇹