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- My Favie, Through thick and thin I can count on you. You mean the world to me ❤️😍😘
- Safe To Say Summer Has Come To An End, The Bright Side Is That I Live On The West Coast And The Beauty Here Never Ceases To Amaze Me Regardless Of How Rainy And Grey It Gets 🌲☔️
- I will not stop. I will not slow down. I will not pull over to ask for directions. I will build the road that takes me where I want to be and I will drive, drive, drive. I will drive until the vehicle around me breaks down, falls apart and tumbles into useless debris... and then I will walk.
• That Moment You Get Into Some Mud With The Roof Off And The Inside Gets Covered... #proud

#oops #jeep #jeeplife #jeepnation #mudding #pnw