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Happy 8th Anniversary to us! This was taken on our civil marriage day. It was a Saturday, I did my own hair and makeup because I was convinced that I could (I may have been wrong). The curls I put into my hair had dropped out by the time this photo was taken which made me look the same as on any other given day. The groom and his small entourage arrived early (ever practical - apparently picking up his dry cleaning on the way). I arrived with my family a little bit late due to traffic (and the logistics of leaving the house with 2 cars and about 10 members of my immediate family). He told me later that he had thought for a moment that I may not turn up. I had made myself a little wedding posy with freesias but hubby-to-be presented me with a red and ivory rose wedding bouquet which was far lovelier. So blessed to have married someone with whom I had shared an honest, loyal and valuable friendship with for an enduring 5 years already (2 years of which he was working abroad in Switzerland but even then, he would call to ask how I was and make time to meet for a coffee when back in London for s weekend). He had committed himself from day one to being a true friend even before I had even come to know it. He had never said it but managed to prove it in so many ways including always being there when he would say he would, always being the gentleman and driving me home, making efforts to get to know my family and friends and so much more. As they say, actions speak louder than words. I cannot thank and praise God enough for bringing you into my life at just the right time, a time when I was searching only for friendship, and for keeping you in my life until a time when I slowly came to the self-realisation that no one I had ever met would ever compare to you and the comfort, contentment, stability and companionship that you had already bought into my life as my best friend a'h). #dippingmytoes #dippingmytoeswithhubby #civilwedding #registry #weddingbouquet #dippingmytoesramblings #fascinator #fascinatorwedding #embroiderednet #ivoryweddingdress #ivorywedding #marryingmybestfriend
From the weekend... Prettiest and most 'lemony' lemon cake I have had for a very long time! Decorated with poppy seeds and blue cornflower petals. Stopping for tea and cake at John Lewis in Brent Cross is never a bad idea ☕️🍰 #dippingmytoes #lemoncake #johnlewis #brentcross #delicious #prettycakes #driedcornflowers #cornflower #bluecornflower
Earlier this afternoon whilst I was cooking, a friend called asking if I was home and if he could just pop round for a few minutes. I said that was fine. When my friend arrived, he had bought a box of Indian sweets for us to celebrate a special festival day. We do not share the same religion but it was really lovely that he wanted to share his festival with us by gifting us these sweets. My friend ended up giving his Yoga class (that he had intended on going to in the evening) a miss and stayed home with us (me, my SIL and her grandmother who was also visiting). Everyone stuck around for dinner which was served moments after hubby returned home from work. The evening ended with the sweets that our friend had brought (which made a great dessert)! A lovely evening 😊#dippingmytoes #dippingmytoesinthekitchen #gayathri #mithai #indianfood #indianmithai #dippingmytoeswithfamily #dippingmytoeswithfriends
When SIL brings a whole bunch of goodies including some of my favourite snacks from Mumbai. Wonder if the super Mario bros know they have a long lost Indian brother ... #dippingmytoes #dippingmytoesinthekitchen #foodgiftsarethebestgifts #soya #soyasnacks #chilli #soyashells
When friends send you the loveliest surprise gifts from Mumbai from one of your favourite stores! Thank you Yasmin Bhabi, I love them ❤️ #dippingmytoes #surprise #westside #mumbai #kurta #kurti #organiccotton
Good morning. I've just watered all my plants around the house. Look at this little fella, I'm a proud plant parent once again. My 8 year old Aloe Vera plant has had it's second offshoot, seen planted here in a West Elm pot 🌱 LittleZ is breakfasted and busy colouring in her 'My Little Pony' colouring book. I am on my second cup of coffee and delving into this lovely Scandinavian Comfort Food cookbook by the Danish cook and food writer Trine Hahnemann. Some lovely ideas and recipes for the winter season ahead. Wishing you a cosy weekend. #dippingmytoes #dippingmytoesathome #scandinaviancomfortfood #trinehahnemann #aloevera #handmhome #tigerstores #dippingmytoesattheweekend #hygge @trinehahnemann #succulents
After a summer of Friday Sushi 🍣 nights, we are back to our Friday pizza 🍕 nights. Tonight it's a Dr Oetker spinach pizza, ready in the oven by the time LittleZ has showered and changed after school. It's nice to have a night off from cooking and time to snuggle up with LittleZ on the sofa after a busy week. #dippingmytoesendorsed #dippingmytoes #dippingmytoesathome #dippingmytoesinthekitchen #droetker #spinachpizza #hygge @dr.oetkerpizzabelgium
Tbt a lovely food gift we received from a friend's mum who was visiting London from the US. We had her and her daughter over for dinner one evening (my husband went to school with her son). I've never rated American chocolate or candy until I tasted these! Good job there were two boxes as I think I had a whole one to myself! #dippingmytoesendorsed #dippingmytoes #sanfrancisco #seescandies #foodgiftsarethebestgifts
Nice to see Kris Juggling back in Leicester Square yesterday where I first saw him nearly a year ago. Still amazing. #dippingmytoes #dippingmytoesoutandabout #krisjuggling #leicestersquare #london #juggling
As recommended by a colleague in the office who has treated us to a number of bakes from this book. Sadly it's her last day in the office today as she's moving on. Sweet of her to bring in the book today for a few of us to look at. I think I might be putting this on my book wishlist! #dippingmytoes #dippingmytoesatwork #dippingmytoesreading #swedishcooking #swedishbaking #massolitförlag
Happy Birthday to my husband this week! 🎂 Hubby had a company event to attend on the actual day of his birthday which he had warned me about in advance (luckily it was something fun, a night out playing ping pong 🏓 at a cool place in Shoreditch plus food with his colleagues 🥘). I decided to surprise him with a birthday dinner the day before his birthday and cooked chicken biryani! As hubby had been working late that night, we ate dinner late and there was no space or time left for cake (and LittleZ was already asleep). We finally got a chance to cut the Swedish Almond cake later in the week when hubby came home at his regular time in the evening. After such an erratic week trying to celebrate, I'm so glad I had bought a frozen cake/torte from IKEA's food market which I was able to hide in the freezer until the time was right! #dippingmytoes #dippingmytoeswithfamily #dippingmytoesathome #happybirthday #swedishalmondcake #ikeafoodmarket #handmhome #flyingtiger #georgjensen
Who said there's no such thing as a free lunch? Enjoying another Kabuto gluten-free vegetable laksa noodle pot at my desk from the batch that a colleague won for the office! #dippingmytoes #kabuto #kabuto_noodles #kabuto_uk #officelunch #dippingmytoesatwork #dippingmytoesendorsed @kabuto_noodles @lindaf1969
Just finished reading Spark Joy by Marie Kondo and have already started my cleaning and clearing campaign. KonMarie prescribes that we only keep that which "sparks joy" - that goes for the clothes we wear, the books we keep, and all the other things we keep and how we keep them. I love how she says that when letting things go we ought to thank the things that had once bought us joy or have been useful or even apologise to things that we never got to use and then send them on (to charity or for recycling or whatever). Living with fewer things that have more meaning really is a slap in the face to the consumer-hungry world we live in that tries to convince us that if we have this or that then it will bring us more 'happiness'. There is no happiness in having so much stuff that you can't find what you need or even forget what you have. I love this book but what I love more is how one person took their tidying OCD and used it to benefit themselves and others. I have already started folding my clothes using her method. I love the notion that when you declutter your life you have more time to enjoy the things and people you love the most. ❤️ #dippingmytoes #dippingmytoesreading #sparkjoy #mariekondo #konmarie #tidying #theartoftidying #slowliving
Happiness is getting things sorted around the house, getting back from IKEA with some clever storage solutions and now sitting down to a hot cup of tea whilst browsing through the new IKEA catalogue! #dippingmytoes #dippingmytoesathome #ikea #sparkjoy #hygge #ikealove #handmhome