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arpeggi 272w ago
So my friend @imapixie decided to give me this #radiohead #setlist from the Santa Barbara show. It was #thomyorke 's I was so happy: ) thanks Jess and Tana lesbian lovers

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10th October 2007 I was living in Portland Oregon and had to go to goldrush coffee bar to download #inrainbows because we didn’t have WiFi. I was instantly transported into bliss and delight. 10 years latter I’m still in love with this record and this band. Thank you #radiohead for this wonderful work of art. Forever grateful 🙏 happy 10 year anniversarie ❤️🌈
A dreaded sunny day , so I'll meet you at the cemetery gates .. #tbt #gothdays #gothguys #thesmiths #cemetrygates
arpeggi 11w ago
Frank had me feeling certain types of ways. Please forgive my awful singing. I was just feeling it too much. Feel blessed that I was fortunate enough to see this poet. #frankocean #nikes #fyf #fyf2017
arpeggi 11w ago
Arca is completely insane and I relished every second I was in the same room as him. He made me dance like a mad man until I was clean and free. @arca1000000 gracias por ser tan libre y por acer me sentir libre igualmente. 🙏🏼 #Arca #fyf #fyf2017
arpeggi 12w ago
MGMT really put me in a great mood at fyf. Hope to see em again sometime .
#mgmt #fyf #fyf2017
arpeggi 12w ago
My love Isobel. A honour to experience this beautiful creature in the flesh again. #bjork #björk #fyf #fyf2017
arpeggi 14w ago
Keep in contact with old friends,
Enjoy a drink now and then. It's rare to have close friendships for over 20 years with humans. But if its good, hold on to your friends. Love ya brother 💜
arpeggi 15w ago
Made a friend for a few minutes waiting for the bus. I asked him to sing me a song and he chose #Angeles by #elliotsmith best of luck to you stranger
arpeggi 17w ago
Met @jonnypierce of @thedrumsofficial again today. He's a beautiful soul. Thank you again for everything you've done . ❤️ #jonnypierce #thedrums #abysmalthoughts #headofthehorse thanks to @outsider24601 for taking photos 📸