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My puppy gets all the ladies💁

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snowy days before the mountain is open
this town refreshes my soul. no filter, just pure beauty.
This is from my walk to work this morning. It looks like a painting. Thank you God for all of this overwhelming beauty.
Cheesin so hard in this because I'm with my favorite boys. Reunited tomorrow. So excited
dog sitting this little love bug and now I want a golden too bad
the colors are changing and all I can think about is snow
You would have been 21 today. We miss you and love you endlessly Jacob.
Happy birthday to my biggest role model. Nobody likes you when you're 23 so luckily you're 24 now. Thank you for being such a loving, hard working, goofy big brother. I always think I'm a weirdo, but then I hang with you and realize you're way more weird than I am which doesn't seem possible. Never stop being you. This is your year bro. I love you!