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But I was already in the middle of restarting :/
  • _silentj 272w ago

    #SMH I've had that happen before. Turned out to be bad RAM

  • gothamkid 272w ago

    Where's the unlike button?

  • thejmlife 272w ago

    That's what happened to my computer 3 times before it wouldn't turn back on!!!!!

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"she was wild and she was very beautiful and sometimes she was a tree strong and rooted that piece of shelter that never asks for anything in return" #NOLA
You know if there's a beach, I'm there. Just wish I'd stayed longer. Next time.
Opening in Q2 of this year, the #GranHotelManzana in Havana is currently under construction. This building is called the #ManzanaDeGomez and was Cuba's first indoor shopping mall, built in 1917. One hundred years later, she's looking brand new. She'll be a luxury #kempinski hotel, and will have internet in every room.
Apparently this is the best hotel in Havana. Because Yoncé stayed here, as well as US dignitaries. We were told that day somebody from the US was there to discuss some sort of relationship between Cuba and Mississippi. I saw some vehicles parked out front with little USA flags on the front. They wouldn't even let us step into the lobby to have a look around😂. Dude was at the door telling us we didn't have the password. He don't know my life!
For some reason I believed Cuba had no internet before I arrived, but there is internet. It's just not everywhere. In Havana, public wifi is mostly available in public parks. This is how the locals get online. Arrive at most parks and you'll see people huddled on their smartphones, internetting away. If you look like a tourist, someone will suspiciously try to sell you something, and that person is in fact NOT suspicious. They're trying to sell you a wifi card, which is like a calling card (remember those?) but for wifi. The wifi was slow like AOL dialup levels. Every day I tried to make it to the wifi park so that I could text my dad and assure him that I'm alive and safe and having fun. Also needed to make sure Agent Orange hadn't done anything too crazy. We hit up this wifi park a block away from our rented house. There were always people here no matter the time of day. I actually enjoyed this manner of internet use. I feel I was able to enjoy Cuba more because I wasn't checking my phone every five minutes or trying to share every moment, every moment. I was more engaged in the conversations with my 6 (or 7 lol) friends. I enjoyed less screen time, more sunshine, and more IRL connections. Cuba is worth it for the true disconnect.
First of all I'd like to thank my connect. Oh wait. I AM the connect.
Havana good time. 🇨🇺🇨🇺🇨🇺🇨🇺
Spent my day getting parenting lessons in the basement of a cathedral.
Finally made it to Miami during stone crab season👌🏾