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This girl is my world and my everything. I'm so proud to say she's my girlfriend and the mother of our baby girl. @gemvonschweetz #girlfriend #momanddadtobe
Me and Gemma are proud to announce that we are having a baby girl. As you can see from the picture she is already a little poser. Couldn't be more happier and can't wait too see our little girl now. @gemvonschweetz #baby #babydaughter
Celebrating my early dart from and having 5 days off from work with my main Ice Cube #icecube #timetorelax
Has these recommended by q few people. Hope my fussy ass likes these #wagewar
So after holding off and tell family and the odd person, me and Gemma Carter can happily announce that we are having a baby. Roll on the 27th of January. We're both so happy and excited for a big chapter in both of our life's. @gemvonschweetz #baby #pregnant
Im so lucky to have such a gorgeous girlfriend. Missing her like mad though. One more day to go. #girlswithtattoos #girlfriend