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Love this drone!!! I bought some low noise props for it and an ND8 filter!!! Hopefully arrives soon :)
Finally uploaded a new vid on my YouTube channel. Yodi2tails
I’ll post another from this vid soon!
Here’s a quick video from my tutorial on my YouTube channel for the new Quick Shot mode go check it out :)
Here's a minute of the active track video I made with the Mavic!!
Went flying again, I'll post the video soon! Followed my brother Jay and my son Ryan around on a pocket bike! Pretty cool!!
A little snippet from my YouTube vid of #ohs or #oakdalehighschool new farm and barn!!
Took the Mavic out to the orchards near my dad's casa :)
Last vid from #laketahoe at #zephyr #cove with the #mavicpro enjoy!! If you wanna see the full video click the link in my bio 👆👆👆👆
A quick snippet from my latest vid on my YouTube channel! Lake Tahoe was awesome!! Another vid on the way!
This is my favorite shot from the #mavicpro over #laketahoe such a pretty day but so freaky flying over water lol
If you look close enough you can see my wife @yicca standing by the car taking a photo of my youngest son, Shawn :)
#laketahoe #gopro
Almost dropped the GoPro taking this shot, turned out pretty cool :)