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@krystrella & I talking about our #Boston plans like.... #extraextra #weextra #LAsisters in #beantownbaby 💅
Sound On 🔊 @guapdad4000 😂
🔛Shop @burlingtonstyle to thank them for going #FurFree & not supporting animal torture for profit! 💋 #BurlingtonCoatFactory #iFuckWitYou
🔚Swipe all the way to see why #uggs are not cute & why I think you're a dumbass if you buy them 😱 @theugglytruth #uggly #ewgross
🔝#KindnessMatters #ShopSmart #WinterFashion #StopAnimalTorture 💯
#LAdoesBoston #yalldontevenknow #Bahh #BahHumBug #FauxFur #Leopard #FurJaket #EndAnimalCruelty #Sheep #BoycottUggs #EwGross #KindnessIsMagic #SpittingFacts #SorryNotSorry #UggsAreUgly
🔊 Does the dog on the left breathing heavy too terrified to move look like an agressive mean dog to you? NO! After the ridiculous chip hold #CarsonShelter put on this dog (press SOUND ON for the legal hold periods), they have Porcha #A5123557 now as a #RESCUEONLY & will not be reaching out to the family who wanted to keep her together with her bonded sister. 🕪 #ANIMALINJUSTICE! Carson Shelter has crossed the line today. I am shook. When someone came to adopt the dogs *together*, the shelter would not allow it because they claimed she had an "old" chip found. When the old chip did not pan out, they put a new hold on her for a temp test. Yet, her sister who was adopted never had a temp test. Does that make any sense to you? When I spoke to the shelter today, again, they said they will NOT be reaching out to the adopter who adopted her bonded sister since she is #RO despite expressing that Daisy's adopter wanted BOTH dogs. This is disturbing. Am I surprised? No, because Carson Shelter has been mistreating animals & making adoptions difficult for years. The temp test officer has made it very clear to me that he does not even like dogs. Of course Porcha failed the temp test, she is so terrified she can NOT EVEN MOVE! Please do not trust anyone who feels the need to defend a shelter that KILLS AN ANIMALS CHANCE OF FINDING A HOME time & time again. There are a lot of shady people involved with carson shelter & claim to not be associated with them when in fact they are. I have never met a good person who has gone to this shelter & felt these animals were being properly cared for. Please be careful who you donate money to regarding carson shelter unless you have proof of them rescuing (seen updates AFTER the rescue) & using the money for what it is intended for - the DOGS. Please outreach rescues to save Porcha so she does not have to spend another day in that hell hole with employees who could care less. Carson Fosters is NOT who you want to reach, PLEASE reach out to REAL LEGITIMATE RESCUES & please send the mayor complaints about Carson Shelter. #CarsonShelter #Corupt #AnimalAbusers #AnimalCruelty #EndAnimalCruelty #FREEPORCHA #CarsonShelterIsAnimalInjustice
Wow. Carson Shelter, really? Swipe to see why this is so disturbing. Someone wanted to adopt both bonded dogs & Carson shelter would not allow it. If she is this scared with her bonded sister, just imagine how terrified she is there alone. I just spoke to the shelter & they said her chip hold is up now she is waiting for a temp test despite having an adopter who wants to take her home. Makes no sense! She was surrendered on the same day as her sister that was adopted! @laanimalservices please set Porcha free & stop torturing animals at #CarsonShelter! #VoiceForTheVoiceless #AnimalCruelty #LaAnimalServices #ShelterDogs #SaveThemAll #HaveCompassion
#Repost from @furballtv_carson ... 💜🎈🎉ADOPTED🎉🎈
✳️DAISY ✳️ID: #A5123558 ↩️Click
🎈🎉ADOPTED!! WOO!🎉🎈 😢OWNER SURRENDER😢 💖These two will break your heart just like theirs was broken today. The family moved and left them and they need help right now in order to stay together or someone will come and adopt one away form the other and they will have to deal with even more heartache. PORCHA #A5123557 won't even move yet.. DAISY is incredible and knows commands. Please SHARE, a FOSTER or ADOPTER would save them. Thanks!💖
🔺#saveDAISY🐶A5123558 🔺
🔸This Post Created: 10/23/17🔸
🔹Border Collie 🔹 AGE: 6yrs
🔹 Female (S) 🔹 ARRIVED:10/22
🔹 Carson Shelter - 310-523-9566
🔹 M-TH 12pm-7pm, F-SU- 10am-5pm
🔹216 W Victoria St. Gardena, CA 90248
🔺NOT associated with Carson Shelter🔺
❤️🎥 by @SavingCarsonShelterDogs❤️
💗💗 INTERESTED IN FOSTERING? If you're in LA, OC, San Bernadino or Riverside County and would like to apply to foster a Carson pup, please visit to complete the online foster application. Thanks! 💚Repost 💙Foster 💖Adopt
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That awkward moment when you are wearing a #Dodgers jersey but start cheering when #Houston scores cuz deep down you know that @dodgers stadium supports animal abuse from @farmerjohnla 😲🙅😲 #WorldSeries2017 #TiedGame #OnTheEdgeOfMySeat.
RIP to all the abused pigs that had to be brutally murdered for this game. I am so incredibly sorry & every #DodgersHotDog I see reminds me of you. 🐖💔 Damn.
#GoHouston #SorryNotSorry #FuckAnimalCruelty #DodgersDog #AnimalActivistProblems #BoycottFarmerJohn #DodgersStadium #WorldSeries #RedSoxGirl #LADodgers #SayNoToAnimalAbuse #DugoutClub #DodgersDugOut #99Degrees
The most disturbing part about these videos I took last night, is that most of you will not find it disturbing. I am not a hardcore vegan, while I could never eat meat I do not judge those who do. I occasionally cook my dogs fresh steak & fish. I am not proud to admit it, but its the truth. I occasionally slip & have m&ms which unfortunately has milk in it. I am not perfect. Most vegans will hate me for this but I understand that most people will not put cows & chickens on the same level as dogs. But what I DO NOT UNDERSTAND is how people think it is acceptable to eat pigs. They are smarter than dogs, they are as kind as dogs. They are BRUTALLY tortured & treated like pieces of SHIT in pig slaughterhouses everyday in America. This is me asking you to PLEASE keep pigs off your plate. That's all. It is not hard and you can do it. Just stop. If you can still eat pigs after watching these videos please do not call yourself an animal lover - just be honest, you do not give a fuck. I put #FarmerJohn on the same level as #Yulin. What is the difference? Why is it acceptable for these workers to whip them & torture them before boiling them alive? Someone please tell me. #SaveThePigs #SayNOtoViolence #Pigs #Pets #AnimalLovers #GoVegan #StartSlow #StopEatingPigs #StopAnimalCruelty #StopAnimalTorture #StopAnimalAbuse #IAmPissed #Bacon #BaconSeed #FuckYou #AnimalAbuse #Pork #JustStop #HaveCompassion