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  Posted: Jul 31, 2012 1:03 AM FEED
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Good Morning!!! What should we call this? Instagraman? ^^

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We look older everyday, but we are still a kid inside! Age is just a number, it never change the way we love toys!
He used to be half the size when we first met. Look like he is very happy with what he is now. 🤣
I got many business partners but is hard to find someone that never change since I met. When I look back to this photo after 5 years, I think the only thing that changed will be me.

Thanks for all the sharing from you, I had learned a lot in the past 15 years! Thank you!
What's new on #iPhoneX? Check this out!!!
Yeah! Bro, This is how I remember you and I'll remember you always.